Playing with different hair colors can add some glamour to your style. A well-chosen color will update your entire look, giving you a chic and funky air. Nowadays you can easily purchase great hair dye kits for applying highlights and lowlights at home. Depending on the effect you want to obtain, you can opt for edgier, more daring colors or softer, natural tones.

As a great, simple alternative, you can color your hair right at home, which is an excellent way to save money and time that otherwise you would spend in an expensive salon. Proceeding carefully and following the instructions you can achieve wonderful results. Check out our tips and create fabulous highlights and lowlights and get ready to turn some heads this summer.

First of all, wash your hair one or two days before highlighting using a purifying shampoo. This will help you get rid of all the products and dirt that may influence the final result of the coloring. It is key to avoid washing your hair on the same day in order to let your scalp reproduce the natural oils which will provide protection against the irritations caused by chemicals.

Purchase a hair highlighting kit and a pair of well-fitting latex gloves which will help you work precisely. Shop for flat 1/2 and 1/4 inch acrylic brushes which will help you to distribute the product properly on your tresses. These brushes are much better than the ones that come with the coloring kit, as they give you better control over your movements so your highlights or lowlights will look even more natural and professional.

Test the color on a single strand, behind your ears, in order to avoid eventual allergic reactions and to make sure that this is the color you would like to obtain. If you don’t have experience in applying highlights or lowlights, ask one of your friends to help you. Testing the shade is a smart idea, because when you apply the color on your entire hair and you aren’t satisfied with the result, you cannot change it. Therefore, it is key to choose a hair color shade which is only one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color. In case you are applying lowlights make sure the color is two or maximum three shades darker and richer than the initial, natural color of your hair. Paying attention to these simple things, you can achieve wonderful natural results right at home.

Before you start applying the dye on your hair, make sure you have prepared all the things you will need. As a first step, apply Vaseline or cream on your forehead and the skin along your hairline in order to avoid staining your skin with the dye. Put on old shirts or clothes since the hair color may stain them. Follow the instructions written on the package of the hair dye and create the mixture. Make sure you mix the ingredients right before you apply them on your hair, as the hair dye starts to work as soon as it is prepared.

If you want to obtain a sophisticated look, apply the hair color on smaller segments of hair, on approximately 1/4-inch wide strands. Do not apply too many streaks at first, because you can always apply more whenever you want but you cannot take them out once they are done. The best method is to use two or three-inch wide foil strips to separate colored strands from the rest of your hair. Apply the highlights or lowlights first starting at the base of your neck and working forward, to the front part. Clip the rest of your hair, so that it won’t get into your way while working. Place the foil strip under the hair you want to color and apply the hair dye from the roots towards the ends. When you are ready with one strand, fold the foil strip into half, one or two times, depending on how long your hair is and proceed similarly with each of the chosen hair segments. When you are ready with one row, let down the next row and repeat the steps for the other strands. Continue with the next rows as well, making sure you achieve a staggered result. When you are creating both highlights and lowlights, it is important to vary the colors every other 1/4-inch row. Applying lowlights to the under layers of hair will provide your tresses with volume and depth.

Leave the hair color on your hair as it is recommended by the instructions, then carefully take out the foils and wash your hair thoroughly. Make sure you use a deep hair conditioner in order to nurture your hair, since coloring dries out your locks. Enjoy your trendy new hair and get ready to show it off on the next party.