Whether they’re made from human hair or synthetic fibers, wigs can help you completely change your look or help you when you’re dealing with hair loss. Find out how to wear a wig properly in order to get a natural look, plus a few excellent tips for wig maintenance.

Once you know more about what wearing a wig entails, you’ll be able to make the right choice for the look you want, and get compliments for your beautiful hair that looks perfectly natural.

Choose the Right Color

While a wig can be any color you want for a costume party, if you want a natural look, you’ll have to accept some restrictions when it comes to the color of your wig. To decrease the chances of your hair looking fake, simply start with your natural hair color and go up to three shades darker or lighter. 

You can also change you color based on season, with darker shades in the colder months and lighter for spring and summer.

Customize Your Wigs

Don’t Be Afraid to Have It Customized

The biggest don’t when you’re wondering how to wear a wig properly is to simply take it out of the box and put it on. Some wig sellers also offer customization services, but you’re better off if you take your wig to your hairstylist to create the perfect look for you. Whether it’s made from human hair or synthetic fibers, a wig will always look better when it’s customized with a style that suits your face shape.

Maintain Your Wig With the Right Products

Even if you purchase a cheaper, synthetic wig, you should still invest in products specifically created to keep it looking it best. For wigs made of human hair, you need gentle products that are targeted to color-treated hair. Make sure you’re purchasing sulfate-free products for your wig in order to help it look better for longer.

Leave Lace Front Wigs to the Pros

When you’re thinking of getting a lace-front, the issue of how to wear a wig properly becomes much more complicated. Accidents happen even for celebrities who have a team of professionals at hand, so only go for lace-front wigs once you’re already used to the regular kind. The chances of it becoming visible are higher for these types of wigs.

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Don’t Keep Your Natural Hair Completely Hidden

If it’s possible, using your natural hair to disguise a wig is a great tip, especially in the hairline area. The crescent shape of wigs that are under the natural hairline is often the clue that gives it away. Of course, your natural hair should match the wig’s color exactly, so this isn’t a tip that works for every wig wearer.

Keep the Shine In Check

Besides your hairline, one of the biggest giveaways when wearing a wig is the unnatural shine, that you experience mostly with synthetic wigs. When it comes to shine, the one thing you need to know about how to wear a wig properly is that you can use both hair powder in two ways to reduce it. You can distribute it evenly by using a hair brush, or for an even better effect you can try a special wig wand.

Styling Your Wig

Keep Your Wig Out Away From Heat

Extreme heat can damage both natural hair wigs and synthetic wigs, but sometimes even the heat you’re exposed to in your kitchen can have a negative effect. Avoid standing next to a boiling pot on the stove or opening the oven door to look in, especially when you’re wearing a synthetic wig. The heat can destroy it in seconds.

Rotate Wigs to Extend Their Use

One answer to the question of how to wear a wig properly is that you shouldn’t wear just one, but alternate between two or three wigs. This will extend their use and also give you an option or two when a wig needs to be washed and styled again before wearing it.

Avoid Bulk at The Crown

Even if you’re going for a big and bold look, try to avoid having too much volume at the crown. Depending on the style of your wig, this usually increases the artificial look of your hair piece.

Invest In a Wig Head and a Wig Cap

If you’re planning on using your wig for a long time, you need to invest in a wig head that will help it retain its shape when it’s not on your head. Another item on the list of advice on how to wear a wig properly is to also use a wig cap to keep your hair flat every time you wear a wig. Without it, the oils from your scalp will shorten the lifespan of your wig.

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