Getting a layered haircut helps a lot when you want to style hair without heat, at least for a while. Help your hair stay strong with a few simple methods that let you style hair without damaging it, using heat-free hairstyling methods.

Take a break from hot rollers, blow drying and other styling tools that can damage your locks and learn a few simple methods to style layered hair without heat, tips that help you get an effortless look.

Style Hair without Heat: Braids

While tight braids can damage your hair, especially when wet, loose braids can give it texture without unpleasant hair breakage. Apply a little styling cream or hair spray on your damp hair, without brushing or combing it.

Style two braids, one on each side, loose at the top, but tighter in the lower half. Undo the braids when the hair is almost dry and use your fingers to shape the waves to perfection. You can also use a little bit more hair spray to set the waves in place when your done, so give this easy method to style hair without heat a try and see if the result suits your expectations.Don’t miss: How to Create Cool Braided Hairstyles

Hair Styling Using Braids

Style Hair without Damaging It: Rag Curls

If you want more well defined curls, but don’t have time to put it on rollers, try the old school overnight method using soft cloth rags in wet hair. Cut an old item of clothing into 6 inch strips. Place one of them at the bottom of a narrow hair strand and roll it towards your scalp before proceeding to securing it by tying the endings of each piece of cloth. You can let your hair dry overnight, but don’t pull the rolls too tight or you’ll damage your precious tresses.

Heat Free Hairstyling

Style Hair without Heat: The Sock Method

Use a simple sock to enhance the waves in your layered hairstyle for a fresh look that’s obtained without any hair damage. Cut the toe part of a long sock and roll it until you get a perfect circle. Put up your dry hair into a high ponytail and spritz it to dampen it lightly. Pull your ponytail through the hole in the rolled up sock and tuck the ends of your hair under. After they’re secured roll the sock further towards your scalp until you get a cute bun. Keep the sock on overnight and remove it in the morning for beautiful layered waves that help you style hair without heat.

Style Hair without Damaging It: Using the Right Products

Use the right products to give you layered hair more texture without actually doing much to style the locks. The secret: hair texturizers. These products are meant to be applied on either wet or dry hair, so choose the brand that works for you and create beachy waves without too much effort. Try Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Hair Flocker or Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray by Not Your Mother’s and get your tresses looking fab in no time!

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