You know that fascinating beachy wave effect your strands get after you swim in the ocean or the sea and your hair dries? You don’t have to hit the waves to give your hair this laid back look! If you’re wondering how to get beachy waves overnight, with or without heat, you’ve come to the right place. Discover a few excellent tips about how to do beachy waves below!

Beachy Waves by Braiding Hair

Interested in getting beach waves without heat? Here’s a really simple method that helps you look like an exotic island goddess, by braiding your hair. First, you need to wash your hair with a special shampoo that defines curls (even if your hair is straight this type of shampoo will have a thickening effect on your strands, very helpful for achieving lasting waves). You’ll be amazed how easy is to get beachy waves by helping your locks get styled easier.

Skip this step if your hair is very soft by nature: apply some conditioner designed to define curls, especially on the down half of your strands. Now cleanse your locks with lukewarm water and pat your hair dry with a towel (don’t use the hairdryer, not even one second, or the final result will get compromised).

Beachy Waves Without HeatHow To Do Beachy Waves

Now divide your hair in two equal parts and braid it on both sides, as tight as you can (start the braiding on the level you want your waves to start – closer to the roots or the tip of the hair). After one hour, release your hair and apply some loose hairspray, to help your beachy waves keep their sexy look.

Beachy Waves by Using Salt Spray

Another great way to do beachy waves is to use salt spray, that has a similar effect on your hair like ocean water or sea water. After you wash your hair as usual, pat dry your locks with a soft towel and wait a few seconds, until your hair is just damp.

Now apply salt spray (you can get it from any cosmetic store, it’s very popular nowadays) from the roots to the tips and massage your hair with your fingers in all directions, until the products penetrates your hair. Curl your locks on your finger and set them free. You’ll notice how easy you’ll get gorgeous beach waves, overnight!

How To Style Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves by Using a Curling Iron

Finally, another method to do beachy waves entails using a curling iron. Your curls will be more defined, but if your hair isn’t healthy, you should skip the heat method and use the ones above. To get beachy waves, you need a thicker barrel for your curling iron.

Separate dry hair into small pieces, wrap each one of them around the curling iron at a 45-degree and keep it on for 30 seconds. The loose waves will stay in place if you finish the look with a sprinkle of hair spray.

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