Dealing with static hair isn’t easy, however, there are certain solutions that will help restore your locks’ health and natural glow. Get ready to discover what are the easiest yet effective ways in which to get rid of static hair.

Static Hair Solutions: Dry Conditioner

Dry conditioner is one of the best static hair solutions available. This cosmetic product will keep your tresses hydrated and will prevent them from getting tangled. Also, it will add extra shine to your hair, so you’ll look amazing. Hairstylists recommend spraying on the bottom half of your locks, because otherwise you might end up giving too much moisture to your roots. Just spray a bit of dry conditioner over your hair before going outside and you’re good to go.

Applying Dry Conditioner

Good suggestions: Liquid Keratin Infusing Shine & Moisture Renewing Dry Conditioner ($12) and Keratherapy Keratin Infused Leave-In Conditioner Spray by Diora ($21).

Static Hair Remedy: Humidifier

Here’s an excellent static hair remedy. You won’t regret purchasing a humidifier, a great product that will keep moisture in the air. This way, you’ll prevent your hair and skin from drying up. Moreover, this device can also protect you against winter colds! This being said, you should consider buying this multipurpose product as it can be a great investment for the future.

Great Way to Fight Static Hair: Heat Protecting Spray

You should also check out this product, another great hair care product to fight static hair. It’s very important to dry your tresses before leaving the house, however, too much heat can end up damaging your locks. This is the reason why you should buy a heat protecting spray and apply it before blow drying your tresses. You should spritz a little bit of hair product all over your head, while focusing on your ends. Afterwards, gently comb your tresses and start blow drying them.

Blow Dryer

Enjoy: Therma Strength Heat Protecting Serum by Mizani ($23) and Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray by Oscar Blandi ($11).

How to Get Rid of Static Electricity Hair: Bristle Brush

If you’re willing to learn how to get rid of static electricity hair, specialists recommend using a natural bristle brush instead of a synthetic one. The latter category is believed to make your locks static. Instead, if you switch to a natural bristle brush, you’ll get to style your hair without damaging it.

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