Volume and bounce are often linked, but there are many ways to add volume to your hair without bounce. Adding bounce is a bit more tricky and it’s all up to how you care for your tresses. Find out how to add bounce to your hair for a more youthful look.

Many products promise bounce, but your best chances to get your limp hair to move just the right way has more to do with your hair care routine than with “miracle” products. Find out what you may have been doing wrong and how to get back to the path of beautiful bouncy hair.

Start with Clean Hair

Just because you wash your hair with regular shampoo doesn’t mean it’s clean. Hair products can trap dirt and natural oils weighting down your hair needlessly. Add bounce to your hair by making sure it’s really clean by using a cleansing shampoo regularly. A purifying shampoo works the same way, removing product build-up and freeing your hair.

Bouncy Hair

Get the Right Shampoo

Volumizing shampoo might be the wrong way to go, even if you feel that your hair lacks both volume and bounce. Many volumizing shampoos add thickness to hair, but that also weights down hair and doesn’t always result in a good bounce. Organic shampoo is a great way to avoid putting a lot of chemicals in your hair, you should always try a few samples to compare shampoos before switching to a new one.

Avoid Burning Your Hair in the Shower

Too much heat can damage your hair and make it lose its bounce. This doesn’t just happen with styling tools, it can also happen while you wash it. Stop pouring hot water over your hair and wash it with lukewarm water. This is one of the simplest ways to add bounce to your hair.

Products For Bouncy Hair

Don’t Skip the Conditioner… Or Do

A regular deep conditioning treatment is a great tip for all hair types, but using conditioner daily can actually detract from the body and bounce of your hair. Conditioner has the best effects if you have coarse or thick hair. If you have fine hair, conditioner might weight it down too much. To avoid tangling, try a light detangling spray.

Dry Correctly

You can get a lot more volume of you blow dry your hair correctly. Once everything is detangled, you can use a wide-toothed comb or even a hair brush while you blow-dry it to add bounce to your hair. Another excellent secret is to stop when your hair is two-thirds dry and continue blow drying after flipping your hair upside down. You can also blow dry your hair in the opposite direction of where it’s supposed to lie and then flip it over when you’re done.

Use the Right Products

Volumizing hair mousse is the easiest product to use when you want to add bounce to your hair, but the secret to using it correctly is applying it before you blow dry your hair. Gently spread a little mousse at your roots and you’ll get more volume and bounce when you’re done. Use too much and you’ll lose the volume and get product build-up at the roots very fast.

Large Hair Rollers

Try Big Rollers

Wavy or curly hair has a lot more bounce to it, but you don’t have to give up the straighter natural texture of your hair. You can still use big rollers to add volume without well defined waves or curls. Simply use them for a few minutes and then run your fingers through your hair to mess up any big waves and get a bouncy finish.

Get the Right Haircut

It’s much harder to add bounce to your hair if it’s all cut at the same lenght. Depending on the thickness and weight of your hair, you might simply need short layers or simply shorter hair. Layers can add plenty of volume and bounce when they’re short, giving natural movement to your tresses.

Don’t Be Afraid to Handle Your Hair

Most hairstylists advise their clients to really run their fingers through their hair to give it volume and bounce. This is especially important during the blow drying process, but you can also add bounce to your hair later in the day, when it’s looking a bit more flat. The only reason that you should be careful when handling your hair is if it’s loaded with hairspray, which you shouldn’t be doing anyway if you want to add bounce to your hair.

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