Hair highlights – especially during the summer – can add a special breezy effect to our strands. Some might go for the natural some for the more edgy style. Whether you head for a holiday or you only want to spice up your look with a sunny hair color, the point is to know the many options you have for achieving your greatest wish.

It is worth finding out that this time you won’t be forced to contact your hair dresser since here are the new methods to enjoy the beauty of some homemade natural summer hair highlights.

Olive Oil The hair care business already revealed the great nourishing effect of this ingredient on our hair. However it might have been neglected that olive oil can be also used as a natural hair bleacher. Besides deep conditioning your strands you might be able even to add some light strands to your plain hairstyle.

natural summer highlights

Simple as that only comb a couple of tablespoons of olive oil into the perfect spots. Then massage it thoroughly into the follicles so that the lotion has the desired effect.

Leave it on for at least 1 hour and expose it to the rays of the sun. Finally rinse it off with shampoo. Besides the moisturized effect you’ll notice the brand new highlights.

As the majority of homemade methods you it might need more time to create a visible effect, however repeat the ritual until you are pleased with the result.

Beer Beer is not only one of the favorite beverages of men. It also has some benefits even in the beauty business. One is that light-colored ones can add stylish highlights to our hair.

When getting in contact with the sun it has a natural lightener effect. You’ll have chic summer highlights in the blink of an eye, but first purchase 4 bottles of beer.

Then pour them into a bowl, dip your hair into this lotion and leave it on for an hour. Sit outside in the sun with the beer on your strands, then when the time is up rinse it off preferably with cool water. Repeat the ritual at least 2-3 times per week for the oh-so-fab colorful strands.

Honey It was demonstrated that honey has a miraculous effect both on our body in general as well as hair. The best way to test its power is to create these summer hair highlights. Offer your hair a smooth and nutritive treatment and at the same time pamper your hairdo with a brand new tint. Wash your hair as you usually do, then apply honey in an amount that it covers all your strands.

Then leave it on for at least 2 hours, again the sun has a crucial role in the bleaching effect. However the conditioning quality of the honey will balance the harmful effect of the sun. Finally wash it off twice, to perfectly cleanse your tresses.