To maintain and boost the health of our tresses, regular hair treatments are highly recommended. Whether we want to undo the damage we created through time or we we are trying to repair some of the hair care mistakes that impacted our tresses more than we would have thought of, hair treatments are a good idea we can turn to. Although beauty stores abound in hair products that promise us total health and maximum shine for our tresses, homemade hair treatments can be a better alternative from multiple points of view.

More environmental friendly and cost effective these treatments can deliver excellent results if they are applied regularly. Moreover, you can constantly improve these recipes and tailor them according to your own needs. Here are a few hair treatment ideas you can try today:

Homemade masks for all hair types

If you really start thinking about it, most hair products that claim to help repair your tresses have proteins as their main ingredients. The fact is that proteins and amino-acids are the main constituents of tresses so increasing protein can be a good way to boost the health of your tresses. However, can find excellent protein sources in your own kitchen.

Eggs can be used differently for various hair types: egg yolks are excellent dry brittle hair that needs intense moisturizing, egg whites are recommended for oily hair while the whole egg is recommended for normal hair types. When combined argan oil or olive oil the effect is moisturizing intensified.

The quantities might vary depending on the length of the hair. Make a mixture of any of these combinations to and apply it massaging the scalp gently. Keep it for about 20 minutes than rinse with cold water. Hot water is not recommended as it will make it harder to remove the egg.

Frizzy hair treatment

Almond oil and avocado both contain a series of healthy fats that can minimize the hair frizz and make your locks smoother and sleeker. You can combine these two ingredients for an effective hair mask but if you prefer a hot oil treatment you should combine coconut oil with almond and put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Let this treatment on your tresses for an hour and then shampoo your hair. Applied once a week this treatment can deliver spectacular results. To protect your hair from dryness, cocoa butter is another effective natural remedy.

Surprising fix for chlorine damaged hair

Blondes are often affected by chlorinated water and can sometimes face the unpleasant situation of seeing their tresses turn green. If you are looking to undo the damage and restore the health of your tresses you might want to turn to ketchup. Applied on your tresses for about 30 minutes this weird hair color fix can be surprisingly effective. Tomato juice works in a similar way.

Dandruff treatment

Rosemary, thyme and apple cider vinegar are all ingredients that can help you fight dandruff due to their antiseptic properties. Place 2 teaspoons of dried rosemary and thyme in a heat resistant bowl and pour 2/3 cups of boiling water over them covering the bowl for about 20 minutes. Next add 2/3 cup of apple cider vinegar and put the entire mixture in a glass bottle, preferably a dark colored one.

Thyme and rosemary have antiseptic properties while apple cider vinegar helps restore the proper alkaline/acidic balance. However, if you have sensitive skin you should test the mixture on a portion of the scalp that is less visible to see if there are any negative or allergic reactions. This mixture can be applied between washes and it doesn’t necessarily need to be rinsed off. After your hair dries the smell will dissipate on its own.