Hair products can contain several harmful ingredients which can damage your hair, this is why more and more people are turning towards homemade hair treatments. The best thing about homemade hair treatments is that you can’t damage your hair. Natural ingredients don’t contain damaging chemicals which can dry out your hair, and since you are preparing your hair treatment you know every ingredient contained in it.

There are a variety of recipes available for homemade hair treatments and several ingredients you can use to help your hair. Different ingredients can help different hair problems so find out what your hair problem is so you can use only beneficial ingredients for your hair problem.

For dry/damaged hair

A mix of extra virgin olive oil and fresh egg yolk can help restore your hairs moisture. Olive oil is known for it’s high vitamin complex and egg yolk for it’s vitamins A, D and E. These are essential vitamins for the hair, and they are the ones which can help you restore your hairs healthy state. Apply the mixture on the dry parts of your hair all over, or for oily hair just at the ends, wrap the hair with some foil and apply a warm towel over the foil to ensure a better penetration of the homemade hair treatment.

For dull looking hair

Dull looking hair doesn’t help create a gorgeous glamorous look because the hairs natural shine is the main ingredient of gorgeous looking hairstyles. Hair that has lost it’s vitality and shine needs to be cared for in order for the hair to regain it’s shine. The effect shiny hair can create under the effect of light is unbelievably hot so a mixture of water, a little bit of honey and apple vinegar can help the hair regain it’s shine. Both honey and vinegar are known for their essential hair vitamins so apply this mixture after every hair wash. This homemade hair treatment will give results relatively quickly.

blonde hair hair treatment

For fine hair

Fine hair can be very difficult to style as well as very sensitive. To thicken the hairs naturally castor oil and egg yolk can be of assistance. Mix the castor oil with the egg yolk and apply the mixture onto your tresses. Wrap your hair with foil and apply a warm towel over it so the mixture can penetrate the hair easier. Leave the mixture on for as long as you can and wash the hair as usual. The vitamins contained by these ingredients will help the hair thicken and regenerate.

For faded hair color

Hair color can fade relatively quickly and if your hair is in need of an instant color boost without the use of chemicals you can use natural ingredients. These ingredients work only for specific hair colors so you need to use the right ingredient for your hair color. For blonde hair boil some chamomile flowers, let the water cool, take the chamomile flowers out and rinse your freshly washed hair with the tea. For brunette hair boil a few sage and rosemary leafs, allow the water to cool, take the leafs out and rinse your freshly washed hair with the mixture.