It’s a well known fact that only healthy hair looks fabulous and can easily be styled. The idea of loading your hair with chemicals isn’t as appealing, this is why healthier alternatives have become highly attractive. Homemade hair treatments offer a healthier and inexpensive alternative to replenishing the hair’s natural beauty, and there are a variety of ingredients in your kitchen you can use to satisfy your hair’s needs.

Nature has provided us with everything we need to survive, and the ingredients contained in plants, fruits, veggies, can have a variety of beneficial properties for our health as well as for our hair. If you wish to regain your lustrous locks, adopt a healthy diet, use hair care products destined for your hair type and apply a hair treatment weekly. To help you choose the right type of homemade hair treatment for your hair, we have put together some easy to use recipes to try.

To thicken the hair If you’re looking for a homemade hair treatment which will help your hair regain its flexibility, shine and thickness, you need to turn your attention towards wheat germs. Wheat germs are rich in vitamin E, thus benefit your hair greatly. Put them into a bowl with hot water, allowing them to sit for about 5 minutes. Drain the water out and apply the wet wheat germ on your hair, allowing them to work for about 5 minutes. Rinse your hair well to remove them.

To reduce static hair If your hair is dry and becomes static, you need to do something about it as this could be quite annoying. Use an egg and a cup of plain yogurt to create a nourishing mask which will reduce the static electricity in your hair. Mix the two ingredients and massage the mixture onto your scalp. Allow it to work for about 5 minutes, then rinse it out using lukewarm water.

To emphasize shine If your hair lacks shine, you definitely have to do something about it as shiny hair is a magnet when it comes to attracting attention. Shiny locks look gorgeous, so restore your hair’s natural shine using a mixture of honey and warm water. Dissolve one teaspoon of honey in two cups of warm water and pour the mixture onto freshly washed hair. Do not rinse the hair after, just dry and style your hair as usual.

To get radiant hair Lemon juice and apple vinegar are an excellent treatment for oily hair. Oily hair looses its radiance quite quickly and these two ingredients can definitely help the hair look amazing. Use either lemon juice or apple vinegar which you first dilute with water prior to rinsing your previously washed hair. Do not rinse the water mixture out and dry your hair as usual.

To moisturize the hair Our hair is constantly subjected to stress from external factors to hair styling tools and chemicals contained by hair styling products, so restoring its moisture once in a while is a must, especially if you feel your hair is becoming dry and dull. Olive oil is a perfect aid for your hair, so apply olive oil which you’ve previously warmed-up (make sure it’s not hot to avoid getting burned) onto your hair. Wrap a warm towel around your hair to help the oil “work its magic” and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo as regular.

Homemade Hair Treatment Recipes

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