Some would choose the at home hair dying alternative in order to save some energy as well as a few pennies. However it seems that, in spite of its practical quality it also presupposes serious dangers. The hair might deteriorate if we skip some basic steps or would neglect the use pf proper products and tools. Establishing the perfect conditions for a spectacular coloring should be on the top of the list of our duties when dealing with hair makeover projects. In order to create a salon-like milieu special attention to instructions. Though some of the basic steps are omitted from the list of principles included in the package of the hair dye it is still important to have them in mind. The following home hair coloring tips will provide you with some paramount guidelines that should be followed for the desired and smashing outcome.

First of all keep an eye on the selection of the right hair tone. Instead of going for the dramatic effects make sure you opt for a natural and more easier-to-prepare hair shade.

Those who are eager to experiment with their skills and try out a radical makeover might experiment some difficulties when facing such a challenge. Hair dye tones that are at most 1-2 shades lighter or darker than the color of your natural locks would prove to be the best idea for the first coloring.

It is also important to achieve the best hair quality for the guaranteed success. Some might choose hair coloring as the remedy to camouflage split ends and other hair disorders. However it is a well-known fact that a different hair color especially the dark tones would accentuate the frizzy texture and would reveal all the tiny beauty flaws.

Therefore prepare your hair for coloring with conditioning treatments. Moreover it is also advisable to skip washing your strands right before the day you planned your makeover. The natural moisture from the strands will contribute to the creation of the best tone.

Secure the perfect conditions for the actual coloring process. One essential measure to take would be to put away all the fabrics and things that might be stained during hair dying. Change your clothes and make sure you wear a protective cloth or garment around your neck, this will keep the product from damaging any surfaces. Additionally using gloves is also compulsory, since harsh chemicals might also ruin the spotless condition of our skin.

Using petroleum jelly as the chief means to cover the skin around the neck and along the hairline will ease your hair dying job and would also block the harmful effect of the hair product on the pores and complexion. Apply a thin layer of it each time you plan a hair coloring. However if you ran out of this substance make sure you remove the eventual stains with the help of lemon juice which has a natural bleaching effect.Pour a few drops on a cotton swab and remove the hair dye excess.

Separate the hair into more sections to be able to ensure the proper coverage.Cover the strands with great mastery by using a high quality home hair coloring kit. Start at the crown area and the roots than proceed to the tips.Make sure you keep in mind the time that is indicated to leave on the solution.

Then, it is also important to properly rinse off the chemical-based product from your tresses. It is also known that the inappropriately washed freshly colored strands might stain your clothes, towels as well as pillows. Moreover the build-up of the hair dye on the hair can also lead to a darker hair tone than you actually planned.

Often the result of the hair dying might not be as you expected, in this case there are also some basic tricks that can be applied to improve the visual effect of your hairdo. Shampoos can serve as the best means to lighten the hair if the shade turned out to be darker than it should have been. Wash your tresses carefully however don’t leave on the product for more than 3 minutes. Massage it into the strands and finally rinse it off. This time use a normal shampoos, later to protect the vivid radiance of the shade purchase a color-safe shampoos.