The importance of hairstyles when it comes to beauty and style is well known, so why not turn your attention towards hairstyles which suit the occasion as well as your style so you can look trendy and stylish at all times. Holidays are special occasions which require a special, more formal look, so holiday hairstyles can be a perfect choice. There is a variety of holiday hairstyles for long and medium length hair to inspire you just because not everyone benefits from the same hair styles. Because making the right choice is not always easy, we have put together some stylish holiday hairstyles for long and medium length hair to inspire yourself from. The new hair styling tools and products available make styling hair very easy, so make sure you have all the products you need.

Natural loose hairstyles

Natural loose hairstyles will never loose their popularity and they will be hairstyles suitable for all occasions regardless of your hair length. Naturalness is highly appreciated and choosing to enhance the natural beauty of your hair can only be beneficial for your physical appearance. Curly, sleek straight or wavy hairstyles are all perfect and can easily be created on all hair textures using the proper hair styling tools. Flat irons, curling irons and triple barrel hair wavers can be very helpful in creating a lovely natural looking hairstyle.

Pulled up hairstyles

Pulled up hairstyles such as ponytail hairstyles, bun hairstyles and updos are great when it comes to holiday hair. Creating these hairstyles couldn’t be easier, so try to experiment with different looks. Ponytail hairstyles look great, so go for high ponytails, loose retro ponytails, centered ponytails as these are the most popular styles. Bun hairstyles look great and the trendiest bun hairstyle of all seems to be the oversized ballerina bun created on the top of the head. However, if this is not your style, you can go for a simple low bun hairstyle. Updo hairstyles are perfect for women with medium as well as long hair and there is a variety of updo hairstyles to choose from. However, if you are not attending a formal event, you can go for a more casual updo hairstyle, a loose updo or a half updo hairstyle.

Braided hairstyles

As weird as this might sound, braided hairstyles can too have a glamorous, more formal look if the hair braids are styled right. Fishtail braids, French braids as well as rope braids are the most popular hair braid styles to choose from and they look fabulous. Keep the hair looking fabulous by opting to braid a ponytail or an updo for more formal, sophisticated results. Celebrity hairstyles often pose as a great source of inspiration when it comes to hair styles, so inspire yourself from your favorite celebrity!