Blonde tones as well as red hair colors are considered among the most difficult shades to pull off. However, with the great variety of shades available nowadays blonde shades can be adapted to almost any type of skin tone. However, sometimes despite following the rules to perfection many people can end up with a hair color they don’t like. Correcting hair color is not easy, however in many cases the solution of adding highlights can be a viable option because of the reduced risk of hair damage and for creating a more interesting hairstyle that will be quite easy to maintain in the long run.

The color of the highlights depends mostly on what you are trying to accomplish. If correcting a blonde hair color without creating too much contrast is your goal, then you will most likely benefit from choosing highlights that are one or two tones lighter than your current hair color. However, if you are looking for a more dramatic change, you will have to reform your approach almost completely. Trying edgy, multi tonal highlights might be just what you need to take your hairstyle to the next level and avoid boredom at all costs.

Creating contrasts is one of the simplest concepts that can be used to create a more interesting hairstyle. Adding dark highlights can instantly satisfy your need for a darker hair color without having to redye your hair. After all, blonette hairstyles have become a beloved trend after being endorsed by a variety of celebrities throughout time. Depending on the degree of change you desire, you can opt for a variety of hair highlighting techniques to achieve your goal. For example, if you use chunking as hair highlighting method, the final result might be more edgier and more daring, whereas if you want a more subtle change, you should consider using slicing as a method of highlighting.

Chocolate brown highlights can be a good solution for those who are worried that very dark highlights will be too harsh or too contrasting for their complexion. This might be especially true for those who have a fair complexion and feel that their choices are being restricted in many ways because of this fact. Light brown highlights can be a wonderful way to soften facial features without having to make a lot of other adjustments in the process.

Another idea that is frequently used is adding red highlights for a daring look that will not be on the safe side for those who are not prepared to adopt edgier hair colors. The shades chosen can range from soft to vibrant tones depending on your skin tone as well as the blond shade chosen.

If you feel a little more adventurous, you might like the idea of trying lavender tones to create a more sophisticated and modern look. Because yellow and purple are complementary colors, this combination is one of the most successful ones in terms of hair coloring providing a certain touch of sophistication despite of the unusual aspects that might stand out at a first glance.

However, if adding a single bold color does not match the concept about edginess, you can opt for multi colored highlights that will surely make you stand out in terms of originality. A few thin highlights will contribute to a somewhat eclectic look while thicker highlights will create a more ‘natural’ looking hairstyle.

Try using a semi or demi permanent hair dye for your highlights to be able to reverse the process easier if you are unsatisfied with how your new look turns out. Another good idea for this type of highlights is to use the frosting highlighting method which allows you to dye only the ends of the hair for more flexibility when it comes to your hairstyle.