Choosing the best haircut is the key to feel confident about your look. That’s why you need to find out more on the hairdos that were designed to hide big ears.

A hairstyle, besides buffing up our look, can do a lot more. If you manage to find the proper help to opt for the best hairdo for your features, you’ll gain more confidence and radiate from high self-esteem.

There are only a few tricks to be learned to succeed in hiding prominent ears. More, you won’t have to stick to a hairstyle if you want to turn into a hairdo chameleon. The buzzword is balance, all you have to do is create the fine line of your look equalizing the proportions.

Some might find refuge in leaving their hair to grow to extreme length and quit experimenting with hairstyles. This is not the no.1 option since you’ll do more harm to your look than good.

Admit that you’re not the only one who struggles with this problem. Celebrities as Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner are only some of the prominent figures who share your worries. Look how the perfect hairstyle can do miracles with their look. Find out some tips on how to style your hair to hide prominent ears.

Curly Hair Curly Hair Curly Hair

If you have prominent ears and fine hair at the same time, you must go for volume to create the desired effect. This will change both the shape of the face and will serve as the perfect concealer for your tiny beauty flaw.

Regardless of the stylish haircut you sport, don’t forget to use mousse or other hair styling products that add special texture and definition to your strands. Remember sleek and lifeless hair will only worsen the situation.

Longing for a new haircut is not bad. Especially if you know what to look for when it comes to prominent ears. Layers is the password to steal the show. These little accessories will brighten up your look on the spot. In order to make it more voluminous go for several layers. The levels will furnish the tresses with texture both on the sides, where the big ears might be easily spotted.

Layered Haircut Layered Haircut Layered Haircut

Curling can also be a method to harmonize proportions. Feel free to experiment with tighter and looser locks to find out which one matches your personal style. In order to avoid the super-sleek and ear sweeping effect make sure to style the strands so that these won’t stick to the scalp. Remember there’s no need to look like a doll to look gorgeous. Keep the hairdo neat and natural.

You can fake the fullness of your hair with a smart blow drying technique. Start drying your hair with the use of rollers that will ensure the thickness of the strands. Increase the volume of the hair leaving these on until the hair is almost dry, then shape the curls according to your preferences.

Straight Hairstyle Straight Hairstyle Straight Hairstyle

Those who sport the sleek hair craze should not scare away of styling their strands super-straight. The key to have a flattering hairstyle is to use the straightener to create arcs that will enhance the texture of the hair. Use this appliance to add curves to your hairdo and keep the locks far from your ears.