Usually, hairstyle trends allow you to play with different shapes and styles. However, there are some rules you shouldn’t break in order to get the best results. Remember that certain hairstyles look great on certain body shapes.


Petite figures need short or medium hairstyles to suit there proportions. Therefore, short or medium hairstyles that end at shoulder or chin level, layered and asymmetrical haircuts with height at the top of the head are usually the best options for petite silhouettes. Yet, there are two important mistakes you should avoid. First of all, try to stay away from too long hairstyles as they will only make you look shorter. Then, too short ones create the illusion of a bigger head.

Soft waves and curls are also a good choice for petite figures. However, if you make bigger curls, your head will make your head look huge. Also, pay attention as large curly hairstyles, ponytails and braids as they give a girly look. The same principle can be applied in case of hair accessories, which must be carefully chosen as too many embellishments, bows and hair clips create a juvenile appearance. As for the hair color, vivid ones work best for petites, but make sure you don’t go too far with the color as you may look immature.

Boyish figures

Boyish silhouettes need volume when it comes to hairstyling. The idea is to add some curves and body. Medium curly or wavy hairstyles work well offering the necessary curves in order to balance the figure. Long hairstyles are a smart choice as long as you add volume, while shorter haircuts are a matter of taste as they can make you look even thinner. Long bangs, asymmetrical and layered hairstyles can also flatter a boyish figure.

Try to stay away from extremes. Pay a lot of attention when adding volume to your hairstyle and avoid backcombing too much as your body may look disproportionate. At the same time, avoid using the hair straightener as you will look even more boyish and straight. A too short haircut gives you a masculine look. The right hair color can warm up skin complexion.


Curvy women need to be very careful when choosing their hairstyle. In this case too, it is a matter of proportions and avoiding any extremes. Therefore, if you have a fuller face, stay away from too voluminous, big hair. Too much volume at head level ads extra pounds to your face and body. On the other hand, super short, close to the head and curly hairstyles are totally unflattering. The best choices are medium, long wavy, layered hairstyles and those with side-swept bangs.

Tall figures

Tall, athletic figures are considered as being the perfect body type, and therefore, any hairstyle flatters them. Still, you need to pay attention to proportions whether we are talking about long or short, straight or curly hair. However, when going for the classic ponytail, choose one with more volume or one starting at the crown of the head.