Big or/and wide foreheads might cause embarrassment to some people. However, it’s time to admit that they are not alone and celebrities also had to discover the key to look stylish with this prominent feature.

Rihanna is only one name from the business who shows off rather than hides her high and wide forehead. Why not copycat their style and learn the basics of how to camouflage this detail with mastery. Texture and hair type can all contribute to the dazzling effect.

Moreover, it is advisable to make a short general overview of the quality of your hair. Whether you sport the mainstream hairstyle trends that scream for bangs or you would rather go against them and flash them, it’s your choice.

However, it is worth knowing more of your endless style options to choose the best hairstyle for your face and traits. Here are the most flattering hairstyles for large foreheads.

Tricky Bangs

Bangs are great to mask a large forehead – these serve as real curtains to reduce the prominence of this facial feature. Indeed, it is essential to find the right style that matches not only this part of the face, but also the whole face shape. First of all find out which bangs designs work for your facial lines and angles, then go for it!

Hair stylists highly recommend the eyebrow sweeping or XXL bangs that create the illusion of a narrow and smaller forehead.

The strands will cover the bare section adding volume to the whole hairstyle. A professional will help you in blending the bangs into the whole hairdo banishing the artificial effect. The transition of tresses should be done with mastery.

Face Framing Layers

Those who are devoted fans of classy chic might opt for the traditional layers that add a special frame to their face. On the other hand, some might not be pleased with an ultra-polish hairdo and would rather go for asymmetry and choppy layers.

There are several hairstyles that provide you with the necessary inspiration to pull off a fab look. These paired with ultra-voguish bangs will make you queen of the day.

Layered hairstyles besides being extremely popular are used mainly to re-establish the balance of the face. Faking the ideal proportions is the secret to emphasize the strengths of our image.

Sparse or dense layers can do magic with both short, medium and long hairstyles. Moreover you’ll notice the instant volume boost in your hair. Use gel or wax to flash the ideal form of your strands and tips.

Side-Parted Updos

Those who would keep the styling scissors away from their locks might consider an ancient secret to camouflage a large forehead. Side-parted hairstyles, especially if you manage to fix the strands across this spot, might create the appearance of a bang hairstyle.

First and foremost apply a bit of pomade on your hair to ease the styling, then make a groovy side part and tie the hair into a ponytail or pin it up into a glam updo.

This is one of the hairdos that will flatter your face shape and forehead by faking some fab bangs without sacrificing the length of your hair. There are endless possibilities for styling your hair, go either for curls or sleek tresses, the point is to know how to manage the texture of your hair.