Not having bangs is a lot easier, but they are fashionable and versatile and almost every woman gave this haircut a try this season. But once you decided to take the plunge and brush your bangs to the side, the growing out bangs process can be difficult and can make you cringe when you see some intermediary steps. However, there are hair styling options for growing out bangs, starting with a soft side bang, slowly transitioning to a center part, almost-winged look.

Consider these hairstyle ideas for growing out bangs to make your transition both easy and stylish.

Blending Bangs In

The first phase of growing out your bangs is obviously to let them grow! If you can deal with being able to see through your bangs, try this simple hairstyle and wear your fringe down, blended into long layers. The finish to this growing out bangs hairstyle should only appear blunt: you texturize the ends with TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray. However, too much of it will make your layers look heavy.

Concealed Bangs Hairstyle For Growing Out BangsBlended In Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Franck Provost

Side Styled Ponytail

Once your bangs have grown out, turning into a major fringe, they can be smoothly pulled to the side and hidden in a pony. To style your growing out bangs properly, your tresses should be loosely braided to help hold your bangs in place.

Tight Front Braid

A front braid is an ideal hairstyle for growing out bangs as it tucks-in your short hairs. Flyaway hairs are usually an issue for most women, so smooth them with Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal Aerated Anti-Frizz And Shine Spray when you’re done styling.

Side Braid Hairstyle For Growing Out BangsBraided Bangs Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Colournation Art Team

Pinned to the Side

This is one of the easiest ways to get your hair looking chic and off your forehead. To get this hairstyle for your growing bangs, you need to simply pin them to the side with a Jane Tran Hair Accessories Pearl Bobby Pin (or a jeweled clip, such as Rhinestone Bobby Pin, if you’re feeling festive) for a pretty, retro style.

Choppy Cut

A blunt bob or lob is a great cut for mid-length bangs. This hairstyle for growing out bangs is pushed to the side and mingled with a piecey cut.

Braided Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Ben Cooke   Sophie GrantSlicked Back Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Nhf Inspire Art Team

Swished Back

With the right amount of Carol’s Daughter Heat Styling Hair Spray Macadamia, you can always slick your growing bangs back into a ponytail. Secure this hairstyle for growing bangs with 4 Count Decorative Bobby Pins.

Styled with Headband

If your growing out bangs are too short or the hairspray doesn’t do the trick, add a simple black Jane Tran Hair Accessories Crystal Bead Shimmer Headband or a Deepa Gurnani Macrame Headband for a sweet style.

Tucked In Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Jean Claude AubryHeadbangs Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Sharon Blain

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