Learn from the best when it comes to wearing your locks in the most voguish designs. Pay special attention to your hair care routine as luscious locks are some of the hottest accessories of the moment. Fancy a smashing hairdo that highlights the beauty and rich texture of your strands?

Why not take a closer glimpse at the newest hair styling tips from pros presented below. These useful hints can definitely turn the long hours spent in front of the mirror into fun-time. Use high quality formulas, products and hair sculpting techniques to make sure you pamper your tresses with a high street treatment. These are some of the solutions to your chief hair dilemmas.

Create Barely There Waves

Inject some romance into your locks by using the following hair styling tricks. Create barely there waves regardless of your hair length by using a curling iron. Hold the iron vertically and wrap only the center of each strand around the barrel. Wait for 6-7 seconds then release the tresses. Make sure the roots preserve their natural texture. After you’re done with curling, all you have to do is shake your locks using your fingers. The voluminous effect will radiate sensuality and natural beauty.

Vamp Up Your Color

There’s no need to go bold with your look to make a real statement and revitalize your tresses. Instead, pro hair colorists advise you to opt for a few glam highlights positioned around the hair part along with the hairline.

These central sections will secure the va-va-voom effect of your new shade. The tinted sections will have an illuminating effect on your face. In order to maintain the natural looking effect, make sure you pick out a shade that is 1-2 shades lighter than your natural hair color.

Messy French Twist

Create a messy French twist using these beauty hints. In order to create the mussed up texture let your locks dry naturally. Then use some shine serum to add some finesse to the hair ends.

Tease your locks using simply your fingers rather than a tail-comb. Finally roll the locks into a French twist to radiate a modern and unique allure. Showcase your hair sculpting talent by nailing down some of the most impressive hair designs of the moment.

Super-Polished Ponytail

Preserve the smooth and silky texture of your locks to rock a high street updo look. In order to flaunt your super-polished ponytail all you have to do is apply a tiny amount of smoothing cream or lotion to the hairline and the roots. Do this before you would actually dry your tresses. Tie your hair in a fab ponytail and add an extra glam factor to your strands by applying a drop of shine serum to guarantee the hyper-smooth texture of the tail.

Sport a Messy Braided Style

There’s no need to stick to one sole braid design to make a real statement. Instead, why not experiment with the low key designs that reflect your fondness for boho chic looks. In order to pull off a messy braided look, all you have to do is start pleating the locks from the crown section and head towards the ends. Secure the braid with a hair-friendly elastic and create the low key effect by tugging the sides of the braids to loosen up the structure. The initial anatomy of your hairdo will stay intact, however, the overall effect will turn out to be more voguish than before.

Hair Styling Tips

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