You don’t have to be a professional hair stylist to add texture to your tresses in a natural way. In fact there are several method that are follicle-friendly and easy-to-handle when it comes of creating a groovy hairstyle. Scrunching is only one of these tricks, more, you won’t even need anything but you fingers or a blow-dryer and some high quality styling products.

First of all it is essential to prepare the tresses carefully for the styling. This can be done by going through the basic hair care rituals as cleansing and conditioning. Before you would jump into this DIY yourself project read through these guidelines on scrunching hair that will help you in preventing your strands from any breakage and other damages.

The initial step would be to wash and condition your hair as you usually do. Use products specially designed for your hair type an texture. However it is essential to avoid lotions that would make your hair softer and ultra-smooth, avoid these especially before creating wavy hair. Professionals when using this technique will apply a natural volumizer to the strands that will enhance scrunching and more it will keep the best shape of the strands for a longer time. You can find these products in your local store.

After you rinse off all the hair care products from your strands, preferably with cold water that would ensure the long-lasting effect of the waves and will boost the effect of the volumizer. Dry your hair with a gentle towel, be gentle with your follicles and don’t rub! Use instead your fingers until you seem to eliminate all the water excess from your strands.

Now, apply the hair styling products, remember you should keep away from the roots. Instead concentrate on the ends, in fact this is the section where the scrunching will have its most spectacular effect. Volume serums, sprays and mousse were created to enhance the wavy look of the hairstyle. Use them with confidence without exaggerating with the amount, unless you don’t want to weigh down your fine locks.

Separate your hair into sections, this will ease your job. Start from one side of the head and go through all the strands carefully repeating the scrunching trick. Start squeezing the hair in your palm use your fingers to create the curly effect. Do it several times even with one single lock of hair in order to accentuate its volume. Crumple the tips towards the roots with a constant movement. However if you want only a slight wavy effect, proceed along with all the tresses.

Use a blow-dryer to simultaneously dry the hair and secure its effect. Do this while you keep the strands in your fingers and pushed towards the roots. This is the spot where the curls are really made. Let the air flow through your fingers to quicken the process.

Those who want a big or voluminous hair should go on with smaller sections, on the other hand those who wish to add an overall volume to their hairdo can target only separate sections as the crown area . Try out different looks to see which one matches your face shape and preferences. Experiment with larger or tighter and smaller curls.