The new season is shedding light on an array of ultra seductive hairstyles that can make the best out of your glossy long locks, so why not take your look out of the ordinary by going wild with your styling. The variety of styling ideas for long hair available to choose from can transform you into a hair icon as the beautifying power of perfect looking locks has long been proven, so dare to experiment with various looks that are perfect for the new season.

From glamorous, on-trend hairstyles to casual chic and simple styles, anything goes this year as a high dose of importance has been placed on diversity. A long hair length provides the opportunity to play around effortlessly with so many styles, it’s crazy, so enjoy the hair length you’ve been blessed with and flaunt your sexy hair for everyone to see.

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Expose your features by swishing your hair on the side for an effortless, chic look that will take you just minutes to style. Swish the hair to the side that you feel most comfortable with and twist it, braid it or allow your natural hair texture to do all the magic as either way the look achieved will have that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that draws attention. Use a few bobby pins to set the hair in place, so the hair will stay right and allow you to feel comfortable from day to evening. This is a look that takes minutes to style, so it is a perfect match for on-the-go girls who don’t have too much time on their hands to experiment with high maintenance looks but want to look fabulous whenever they leave the house.

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Nothing can give you a more elegant allure than a stylish updo and this year they are definitely the ‘It’ styles to consider especially since long hair lengths are mandatory for the style. Undone kept updos as well as chic and neatly styled updos are both able to help achieve strong, eye catching looks, so dare to experiment and let your imagination run wild. Neatly styled ponytail hairstyles whether centered, swished on the side, styled low or high on top of the crown look amazing and can be created on the go, so they can be a perfect option to turn towards quite often. Braids incorporated into the hair can also take your hair out of anonymity and give it a more sophisticated allure, so practice on your braiding skills and try various techniques so you can look breathtaking every time.

If you’re all about simplicity, fear not as loose, simple styles are also super popular and timeless, but that doesn’t mean that you can leave your hair just as nature left it and shine as only an enhanced texture hairstyle paired with the right cut can lead the way to a successful effortless-looking coiffure. Turn towards various styling products and tools and experiment with various natural textures, from curly to soft wavy, messy or sleek straight, but keep in mind that this year it’s all about hair volume, so make sure you amp-up the volume of your locks so you don’t end-up with a flat hairstyle that will be no way near the hot look you’re aiming for!

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