There are moments when you might feel tired of your old look. If you’re ready for a fabulous makeover, it’s high time to find out more on your beauty options. Adding versatility to your tresses is only one way to perk things up a bit.

We’ve got a myriad of ideas on how to explore the multitude of high street hair sculpting tips of the moment. The following top hair styling ideas for a sexy look grant you with the privilege of making a dramatic and at the same time super-stylish change in your appearance with a dazzling and voguish do. These are some of the most impressive options to try your hand at in order to make sure you get in touch with your fashionista side.

Go for Blunt Cuts

Undoubtedly, layers lead the list of most sought-after crops. However, if you sport the same old haircut for years, it can become pretty boring. Therefore, experiment with the hottest sharp angles you can easily add to your short, midi or long tresses. Ask your hair stylist to provide you with a blunt hairstyle complemented with a lovely and smashing fringe design that suits your face shape. The uniform length will enhance your strands with an instant volume boost and definition.

Flipped Bangs

Your already smashing fringe needs some definition? Try the flipped bangs hair design. This styling idea is perfect if you’re fond of the retro-chic inspired looks.

Moreover, the fabulous bangs will inject some sensuality and romance into your appearance. In order to pull off the hottest flipped fringe ‘do all you have to do is use a round brush and wrap your locks around it.

Make sure you roll the locks up rather than under. Use some hair spray to guarantee the long-lasting hold of your bangs and finally use a high class blow dryer to tousle your locks a bit and let the fringe blend into the overall hairdo.

Glam Up a Pixie

It’s time to find out how to dig out the most of your dazzling pixie hairstyle. In order to create a tousled and a modern look all you have to do is skip the blow dryer and use the following pro trick.

In order to add some texture to your strands apply a tiny amount of styling clay or cream on the damp tresses. The next step is to pull the hair forward and start separating the strands using your fingers. Finally, you should let your crop dry naturally to nail down a cool and voguish look.

Ribbon Braids

There’s no need to stick to only the classy braiding techniques. You can experiment with the multitude of hair designs that can create an overwhelming visual effect. In order to top your already mesmerizing pleated do with a statement accessory all you have to do is use a few colorful and neutral toned ribbons.

Add a splash of color to your romantic hairdo with a hair accessory drenched into a vivid hue. On the other hand, you can also stick to a classy and delicate look with black, white or creamy colored hair ribbons. Tie the ribbon at the base of your neck and start incorporating it into the pleats. The final effect will be simply irresistibly voguish.

Boho Waves

In order to create a surfer girl look with your sylph-like boho waves all you have to do is follow the trick below. Hair stylists go crazy for the loveliest and girly hair designs. In order to create the soft waves separate the hair in 5-6 sections. Apply some styling cream on your damp locks and start twisting them until you obtain a small bun. Use a hair-friendly bobby pin or clip to guarantee the proper hold for your tresses. When the locks are completely dry remove the pins and use your fingers to shake the stands and separate the waves.

Top Hair Styling Ideas

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