Some rely on nature when deciding which hair parting to opt for. Indeed, it can be one of the traditional solutions, however with the progress and development of hair dressing this will soon change. Choosing the right direction and side should depend on our prominent facial features. Stealing the tricks of celebrities can be one of the main sources of inspiration. Though it might sound challenging to change our hair parting, it is still useful to add a groovy flair to our strands. With this tiny makeover you’ll immediately notice a change in the proportions of the face as well as in the whole look. At first, calming the locks might seem difficult, however with the use of proper hair styling products and tools it can be done in a minute. These are some of the common face shapes and the ideal hair parting that can accentuate the main assets of our face.

Oblong Face: Those who were blessed with long face shape will have an easy job to choose among the partings. Since almost all of these match the basic qualities of these facial features. However, it seems that professionals tend to incline to the middle-part option. Those who look for some definition can take as a compass the bridge of the nose and use a high quality comb to create the middle line that separates both sides of the head.

Creating a similarly balanced look will help you in creating some of the most stylish hair styles on the market. This is the ideal parting technique which would bring out the best of the length of your face and would balance the eventual disproportions.

Round Face: It might seem surprising that round face shapes are best accentuated with the help of a middle parting. This hair styling technique has the ability to add some angles and length to the facial features. Therefore, start sporting your strands in a similar style to even out the proportion differences.

Use the teeth or the tail of your comb to create the proper position of the strands. Consider the inner end of the eyebrow as the ideal point of departure. Lift the strands and help the process with your hands if necessary.

Square Face: Similarly to round face shaped people, those who own a square face can also enjoy the honor to sport side-parted hair styles. However, it seems that diagonal parting is just as perfect. This will mute the sharp angles of your features and will immediately add a softness and refinement to your appearance.

Moreover, this trick has also the ability to add height to the forehead and steal from the width. Comb the hair to the desired side depending on the length of the nose, make it smooth, exposing your face or rather brushed in the face to cover a certain proportion of the forehead.

Heart-Shaped Face: This type of face shape can also be fabulously matched with side-parting as well as diagonal. The wideness of the forehead in this case is in contrast with the narrowness of the chin. Therefore the revolutionary solution to juggle with the proportions is to choose the best hair part.

In this case brush your strands to the side, covering a section or completely flashing the whole face depending on your preferences and confidence. Use the proper hair styling products as wax and hairspray to create an oh-so-fab impression on your entourage.

From the classy side-part to the avantgarde zig-zag parts all can achieve great success among those who are fond of experimenting with brand new hairdos. The secret to success lies in practice, if you have managed to try out all the designes, you’ll be able to find out which one suits your face best. Contrary to misconceptions, there are no restrictions when choosing the side. Both men and women can wobble between the right or the left side of the head. However, first and foremost look through the following principles to ease the selection process.