What does aging beautifully mean? If our inner life and evolution represent vital parts in this process, our appearance also plays an extremely special role. Gray hair and wrinkles are the main visible signs of aging. Finding the right hairstyle can definitely give you a youthful look. Still, keep in mind that the color of your hair can also take years off. Here are some hair dyeing tips for looking younger.

Every woman wants to look fabulous and age beautifully. Is there a secret behind this? Besides lifestyle and attitude, mind and spirit, a woman should also take care of the visible aspects that this normal process implies. Therefore, skin wrinkles and hair are two of the major aesthetic factors that become problematic as time passes. Still, it's not just the hairstyle that plays a crucial role, but also the color of your hair that can make you look older or, on the contrary, make you look younger. That depends on how you choose it in order to complement your features and skin complexion.

Still, gray hairs are not necessarily the mark of getting older as there are persons who go gray at a very early age, even while in high school. But this thing is determined by hereditary reasons. Dyeing gray hair can have amazing results upon our overall aspect, making us look younger. Besides, the skin will have a more radiant, fresh-looking appearance. Everything stands in the color you choose.

First rule to follow when dyeing hair for looking younger is to stay away from extremes. Throughout time, it's not just the hair color that loses its pigment cells, but also the skin that tends to become lighter.

Therefore, a too dark shade for the hair will only create a big contrast, making the skin look pale and thus accentuating wrinkles and fine lines. On the other hand, by coloring the hair in a lighter color, we will just succeed in giving a washed out, faded aspect to our look. So, what's the best solution? The key is to go for a color that is a few shades lighter than the natural color of your hair (before going gray).

If you're not 100% gray, you shouldn't pick a permanent color, since a semi-permanent or a no ammonia formula can as well do the trick and cover well the gray hairs, giving a beautiful highlights effect. Semi-permanent color is milder and the best thing is that it fades out naturally.

As for the right shade, always consider your natural hair color and your skin complexion. If you are naturally blonde, you'll have to pick a golden tone such as honey blonde in order to get a healthy, glowing look. Browns should opt for chocolate brown, while reds for a more auburn tone.

Hair Dyeing Tips for Looking Younger

If you don't have gray hair and still want to look young, make sure you find the perfect color base or choose highlights. Remember that warm shades are so flattering and can make you look younger, glowing and fresh. So, for brunettes, caramel highlights work amazing, while for blondes, honey highlights represent the smartest choice.

Highlights and lowlights are a great alternative for gray hair regardless the percentage of gray you have. If your hair is brown and just starting to go gray, or when gray is anywhere from 25 to 75 percent of your hair, you might want to go for highlights and lowlights of honey or mahogany. Tone-on-tone highlights are a great option as they will give a natural aspect, while too many highlights are a total no-no. Therefore, a suitable base and appropriate highlights represent your ticket towards a glam, young look. For the best result, you should consider going to a good stylist.

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