It is true that if we dye our hair, we transform our personality and behavior too? Well, specialists proved that both our skin complexion and hair color have a big influence on the blood pressure. Just like adrenaline can change our emotions and feelings. In conclusion, scientists say that if we decide to go blonde, we’ll have the same characteristics as a blonde girl as when seeing ourselves in the mirror, our body receives signals that influence the behavior.

Scientists have established an optimal working group that looks like this: redheads come up with the ideas, brown hair girls put them into practice, blondes present the results to the public, and brunettes take care of the financial aspects.


Color of gold and sun, blonde is a shiny color that reacts perfectly with sunlight. There are so many different blonde hair shades, from the innocent child blonde to the fascinating femme fatale. Blondes are usually characterized by old stereotypes regarding their constant concern for their look and their superficial intelectual and social life. Among so many clichés, when saying blonde, we say immaculate purity, kindness, fragility. Therefore, it is not a mistake the fact of associating blonde with the desire of feeling younger or finding the childhood sweetness.

But, blonde is not only about innocence and purity. Blonde hair can be the perfect weapon of seduction, elegance, glamor, and one effective way of boosting self-confidence. Even though they are often seen as naive and easier to convince, they are in fact smart and strong women. When deciding to go blonde, consider certain things if you want to have a natural look: your natural hair color, skin complexion, and eye color.


There are many negative connotations describing brown hair color, such as dull, lifeless, and colorless. Nevertheless, brown can also be associated with “stability” or “competence”.

Brown it seems to have turn the tables reflecting tenderness, charm, and serenity. Women in this category are considered as being responsible and trustworthy. French specialists say that most of the Nobel Prize winners had brown hair.

Therefore, are women with brown hair more intelligent than the others? No, but they are hardworking, persistent and constant in everything they do. Women having brown hair can be very stubborn giving up hard to their personal ideas. Specialists say that the earthy color of their hair is the one that makes these women so down-to-earth and very self-confident.


Red is a rare color that always seemed to have a bad reputation. However, during Renaissance, red became the symbol of extreme femininity. Hot and incendiary, nowadays, red hair color is considered as sexy and full of personality. Women having red hair are seen as bold, passionate, and seductive. They usually stand out through their original ideas that can sometimes be explosive and too impulsive.

As for their behavior, it is said that redheads are sensitive, yet stubborn, frank, and ready to accomplish any objective they assume. They get bored very quickly. Specialists from Harvard state that individuals with red hair have a low level of anti-stress hormone, which makes them live everything at high intensity.

Women having reddish skin or dark circles around the eyes, should avoid dyeing their hair red as this will only emphasize imperfections. Red hair is strictly for those having a fair, flawless complexion.


There are so many different interpretations when it comes to brunettes, from the fairytale princess to the modern goth. However, explosive, sexy, vamp, and femme fatale are the main words describing them.

While blondes seem easier to approach, when it comes to brunettes, a slow and gradual strategy is needed. These women are rather mysterious having a specific air that is harder to decode and determining men to treat them with respect.

Brunettes are characterized by a strong personality and are usually interested in the subtle mechanisms of humanity and their spiritual evolution. This is why, they are more into domains such as psychology or medicine. They can also have interest in history, religion, poetry, and painting. Despite their high sense of responsibility, they tend to be melancholic and sometimes they become insecure of their own abilities.