Some might not be interested in any hair styling tips, however the basic cleansing is on the daily or at least weekly schedule of everyone. There are several methods to keep our hair in good shape. Using a high quality shampoo in the textbook way can boost the natural and healthy glow of our strands.

That’s why it is essential to get familiar with the know how of hair detox. Our hair requires special care to create the desired effect and dress up our look. Find out more on hair cleansing basics through these professional tips.

Scalp Massage While Shampooing

Numerous professionals demonstrated the beneficial effect of scalp massage. You might be in need of longer locks, then this is also a remedy for your problem. Massaging your head with a circular movement will boost the blood circulation in the scalp and the hair growth will quicken and the new follicles will become healthier.

The secret to shiny hair is indeed to use your fingertips rather than nails. Be careful don’t cause any long-term damages to your hair.

Do this for at least 5 minutes each time you wash your hair, make sure that the shampoo stays on your hair to ease the massaging process.

It is also extremely important to wash off the shampoo after massaging cause leaving it on for a longer period might cause some undesirable consequences.

Don’t let yourself guided by misconception according to which the longer you have the shampoo on your hair the better it is. There’s no reason to give time to the product to have its effect, it’s main function in fact is cleansing.

When is the Hair Really Clean?

Many people think that when you feel the sleek and fine texture of the hair than it clean. Wrong! This fact only means that the oil and the dirt is removed from the surface. However the thorough cleaning is not done.

Hair care specialists also claim that this sign might also indicate raised cuticles which may trick us. The best way to secure the proper cleansing is to go on with rinsing till the recommended period.

Hair Rinsing After Shampoo

You might think that rinsing the hair after shampooing it’s the easiest part of the hair care ritual. The truth is that this is one of the top essential steps of the whole process. The proper elimination of the shampoo and other chemicals must be done in a flawless way to offer the right treatment to our hair.

Moreover a thorough rinsing is also vital that should last for 60-90 seconds depending on the texture of the hair. Those who have thicker and more brittle hair should take extra-care of washing off the chemicals of their tresses.The best way to succeed is to direct the flowing water in the direction of the follicles. This way the water will be able to penetrate into the depth of the hair.

The Right Temperature of Water

Keep away of exposing your hair to hot showers. It might seem soothing for your body still there’s no reason to torture the cuticles with this. Lukewarm water and even cold one will do the best for your strands. Especially of your hair is prone to become oily.

The hot shower will only boost the oil which can generate the greasy effect. If you don’t want to have lifeless and worn-out tresses a few hours after the cleansing you might think of rinsing your hair with cold water. This will efficiently close the cuticles preventing the penetration of any harmful toxins.