There is nothing hotter than a fabulous hair color which just enlightens the face, but that fab shade isn’t going to maintain itself looking shiny and vibrant. There are a myriad of hair care tips for colored hair that most women ignore and end-up with a dull looking hair color just a few weeks after the process has been done, so why not pay a little bit of attention to your hair care and learn how to make it look luscious for longer.

The beauty of colored hair isn’t supposed to last just a few days, until the event you’ve had coming passes, it’s supposed to enable you to shine until your next touch-up session, but those long lasting effects aren’t going to show-up on their own. Because the hair dye pigments can easily fade due to aggressive external factors and different hair care agents, it’s best to learn how you can protect your hair and prolong the intensity of your locks.

Fabulous hair doesn’t only reflect on the outside, but also from the inside as looking fabulous boosts the confidence level sky-high, so you’ll project a positive energy towards others, making sure you attract attention. To ensure your hair oozes seductiveness, check out the following tips and try your best to incorporate them into your regular hair care routine:

Once you’ve started to use hair dyes, especially permanent ones, your hair is stripped of it’s natural protective barrier, leaving it exposed to external damage, due to its increased level of sensitivity. To protect the hair and ensure it is maintained rich, glossy and soft, use a repair mask, hair balm or serums every time you wash the hair.

Use special hair shampoos of your favorite brand which state color protection as they contain ingredients which will reduce color fading.

Moisturize your hair every day using leave-in hair balms. These balms don’t require you to rinse them out, ensuring your hair is moisturized even when you’re not washing your locks. Use a UV protection spray as well especially during the hot season to ensure your hair is not affected by UV rays which can dry the hair and fade hair color.

Use hair styling products which are designed especially for colored hair as they will help keep your hair looking fabulous for longer.

Right before you’ve colored your hair, it’s best to avoid swimming in chlorinated water or salty water as these ingredients will affect the color of your hair. Tuck your hair inside a swimming cap to protect it if the temptation of taking a dip is too big.

Between dying sessions refresh your hair color by using a colored shampoo of the same hue of your hair color.

Use on a weekly basis an intensive hair repair mask as they contain concentrated ingredients which can make a difference for your hair. Allow them to act for the time inscriptioned on the label for best results. If you’re a true naturalist, you can turn towards the help of homemade hair treatments such as olive oil masks, avocado masks, etc.

After washing your hair don’t rub the hair with the towel, but try to wrap your hair in the towel and allow it to absorb the moisture without adding friction, as this way the hair will be less prone to breakage.

Darker hair will always look more glossy than blonde colored hair due to the fact that dark hair attracts more light than blonde and the light reflected off dark hair is much greater, so if shine is what you’re looking for, opt for a darker hue.

Keep your hair looking fabulous every day as nothing can top the beauty of gorgeous, healthy looking shiny hair and the only way to keep your hair looking great is through regular care.

Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

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