Hair is not simply an accessory when you head to the gym. It can deteriorate due to your careless attitude, more than you would think. Breakage and other hair disorders can form as the result of an inappropriate hair care routine. Sweat, dirt and other factors are the main enemies when working out. Exposing your follicles to extreme conditions can lead to hairstyle disasters and more even loss.

In order to maintain the tresses healthy and naturally glowing, experiment wit these tricks and tips of hair care during workout. Regardless of hair length and texture professionals recommend some preventive actions to reduce the degree of harm.

Sweating can be very healthy as the main medium to eliminate the toxins from our body. However it is not the best conditioning treatment for the strands. Due to its increased natural salt content it can easily dehydrate your scalp. The roots might hugely suffer as a result.

The best way to avoid this problem is to wear a stylish headband, preferably of cotton that will efficiently absorb the excessive sweat. The gym fashion market offers stylish pieces. Choose one that flatters your look.

If you have bangs this will be also a great help to keep it neat and clean. Greasy strands at least said unappealing, care for your scalp, tresses and follicles in general to have a charming hairstyle even after an exhausting workout.

Baseball hats or other headwear are absolutely no-no pieces in the gym. Don’t torture your scalp by creating a real sauna under these accessories. The fabric of these hats and caps will only stop the sweat form absorption and elimination.

Moreover these can block the sweat gland and will create a really nasty look that can be hardly fixed after exercising.

Hot showers after the workout may be soothing and relaxing. Your hair might not agree with you on this, since the warm water often causes dehydration. Pamper your strands with tepid water, rinse it off, rather than cover it with with a huge layer of shampoo and other conditioning products. The simple rinsing will have the proper effect to protect your hair from further damage.

The perfect gym hairstyle is indeed the know or the bun. This will prevent your hair from breakage and will manage to keep your strands away from sweat and dirt. Tie up your hair into a stylish bun, make sure that it’s not too loose and neither ultra-tight, rather something in-between. Use elastics or clips that are gentle with your hair since the movement might have a harmful effect on the tresses.

If your exercise plan is made up of swimming session, it is highly recommended to apply a leave-in-conditioner before you jump into the pool. It is a well-known fact that chlorine is one of the worst enemies of hair. Make sure that you provide your hair with the proper care.

Saunas are very popular due to their detoxifying effect. However while the body will enjoy the pampering, the hair might scream for help. The best solution to stop the deterioration is to apply again a leave-in conditioner to your strands that will boost the resistance of the hair against heat and steam. You can also cover your tresses with a towel that will absorb the humidity.