Whether you plan on wearing your hair straight or embrace its natural texture, high humidity can wreak havoc quickly. Find out how to fight the frizz and keep your tresses looking great despite the weather with the best hair styling tips for humid days.

From preparing your hair for the blow dry to making sure there are no flyaways, find out how to make sure your hair sticks to your wishes even on days with very high humidity. Here are the steps to styling your hair for the best results.

Always Use Conditioner

It’s a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo when humid days are coming, but the conditioner is a must! Use a good moisturizing formula that will also have an impact on the way your hair deals with frizz. 

Whether you have a dry scalp or an oily one, you still need the moisture that will keep your hair looking good despite the weather.

Protect Your Hair From the Extra Moisture

Even when you’re not using any heat tools to style you hair, you can still benefit from using a heat-protective spray. Its main function is to keep hair from drying out, but it will also keep it protected from the moisture in the air. So one of the best hair styling tips for humid days is to use a heat and shine spray.

Humidity Hairstyle Tips

Use an Anti-Frizz Spray

Fighting the frizz can be done with many products, but when humidity is high, it’s better to stick to light sprays and serums. Using styling cream or mousse can end up weighting your hair down during humid days and even making flyaways more noticeable. Remember that less is more when it comes to anti-frizz preparation.

Get the Right Hairdryer

If you want a blow dry in humid conditions, it’s important to have the right hairdryer. Infrared heat and negative ion systems are excellent technologies, and one of the best hair styling tips for humid days is to choose your hairdryer carefully, based on its frizz fighting power. If it’s great at that, it will also provide for your other blow dry needs.

Avoid Touching Your Hair While Drying

If your hairstyle allows it, keep your blow dry simple. The more you touch your hair as you dry it, the higher the risk of creating more frizz. Anti-frizz hairdryers can take care of most of the problem, but touching your hair as little as possible when you dry it is a good idea in high humidity.

Dry Your Hair Completely

Going outside in humid conditions when your hair isn’t completely dry is a big no-no. You hair should be perfectly dry and at room temperature. If your hair hasn’t cooled down or isn’t completely dry, going out will end badly. This is one of hair styling tips for humid days that’s easy to follow but crucial if you want to keep your hairstyle protected.

Finish With Cool Air

The right way to protect your hair from the effects of humidity is to finish your blow dry with a little cold air. Whether you keep your hands out of your hair or use a round brush to shape it while drying, a little cool air at the end is very important. When you’re trying to set your hair in a particular way, switch from warm to cool in small sections to make it set perfectly.

Humid Proof Hairstyles

Go for the Right Hairstyle

Ponytails, braids and plaits are the right choices for really high humidity. Sometimes, even if you’re using the best hair styling tips for humid days, you still won’t get the look your want. Experiment with braids for a cool rainy day hairstyle and make it worth for your style.

Use Wax to Tame Flyaways

When you’re going for a braid or ponytail, the best product to use when you’re trying to fight frizz is hair wav. Using a wax stick, you can easily fix your hairline or any flyaways in your braids. If you want to keep your natural curly look, you won’t need any wax, simply a little mousse applied to your hair before drying it.

Wear a Scarf

If nothing else works, scarves can help you create a cool look in high humidity days. You can still use the right hair styling tips for humid days, but when not all of your hair looks the same, you can easily keep it in a low bun and use a scarf to cover it, while also adding to your style. You can also use it to improve your ponytail look.

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