Bangs are great, but when you’re tired of them, growing them out can be quite a challenge. You’ll have to step up your hair care regimen and try some new things if you expect them to look great every day until they finally grow enough to stop being bangs.

Check out some of the most useful growing out your bangs tips and tricks, and find the right solutions for your hair. From the right way to part your hair to dealing with the middle phase, when your bangs are both long and short, here are the best ways to handle your growing bangs.

Trim Every Six Weeks

You’re in a hurry, but you simply can’t skip the regular trims. When you’re dealing with split ends, you won’t be happy with the way your hair looks when it’s finally grown to your desired length. Ask your hair stylist to trim it accordingly when you’re done with the bangs. Thinning out the outer edges and the bottom will give you more styling options.

Style with Clay

Even if you prefer mousse or gel, the best styling products for your bangs have a bit of weight. Pomade is good, but hair clay is even better. This is one of the best growing out your bangs tips, since it will help you get a smoother look, and it will also reduce any flyaways by weighting down your hair a bit.

Angled Part To Hide Bangs

Deep Condition Regularly

In order to help your bangs stay healthy and beautiful as they grow, it’s important to treat them right. If you have chemically processed hair, a deep conditioning treatment is a good idea once a week. For unprocessed hair, every other week is fine. You can also use a bit of leave-in conditioner on the ends of your bangs every time you style your hair.

Side Bangs Side Part

Go for an Angled Part

Dealing with an awkward length is the worst, and that’s why an angled part is one of the best growing out your bangs tricks. But there’s more to it than just sectioning off your bangs before you start drying your hair and choosing a side. The next time you get a trim, ask your hairstylist to round out one corner of your bangs. Can’t decide which way to keep your side swept bangs? If your nose is perfectly straight, you can go either way, but if it’s slightly titled to one side of your face, the bangs should be styled in the opposite direction to create balance.

Hide Bangs With Bandana


Bobby pins and clips aren’t just very useful tools to keep shorter bangs in check, they can also become statement accessories in your look. From scarves to bandanas, get creative and you’ll end up with plenty of looks you love. You can also tuck your bangs completely under thicker scarves when you just don’t feel like dealing with them.

Try a Headband

When you decide that the only way to avoid a bad hair day is with a headband, one of the best growing out your bangs tips is to use pomade. Work your bangs up and back, smoothing them into the rest of your hair before you reach for a cute headband. You can also pin them back if they’re particularly stubborn.

Growing Out Bangs Braid


Even a simple two-strand twist can look great and keep the bangs out of your way. You get bonus points if you opt for a more sophisticated French braid. In order to smooth flyaways on the braid, you can use gel or mousse, no need for clay when they’re already braided and secured.


Styling your bangs into a small pompadour might work when they’re shorter, but when you feel like they’re getting too long for that try one of the simplest growing out your bangs tricks and roll them. Tuck along the hairline and make sure you secure with bobby pins close to your year.

Slick Back Bangs

Have It Both Ways

While your bangs are growing, you can pin back the top section, while also enjoying the shorter pieces as temporary bangs. By using this simple trick, of pinning back the longer section, you can shorten the awkward phase considerably.

Keep It Fresh

One of the best growing out your bangs tips, changing your look from day to day is a good idea. It doesn’t just mean more cute looks, but it also prevents your bangs from getting damaged if you constantly keep them on the same side. Pull them back, hide them in a high bun, don’t be afraid to change things up every day until they’re grown out.

photos: Eleven Australia,, Tigerlamb