For women who want to hide a big nose, the key is to shift the attention from it to more flattering facial features.

There are several hairstyles for big noses that can solve the problem without going under the knife. A professional hairstylist can give you tips on how to accentuate your lips or eyes rather then your nose. You can find stylish and classy hairstyles to hide a big nose that will match both your personality and enhance your best features.

The styling options are numerous, however there is one specific rule for ladies with prominent noses: short hairstyles are not the best option. Concerning hair length, medium to long hairstyles are ideal for women with bigger noses. These lengths can give several  different styling options . 

So, let’s take a look at some of the most flattering hairstyles to hide a big nose and shed some light on frequent dilemmas regarding flattering hair styles for those who want to conceal a big nose:

Can a Bob Look Good with a Big Nose?  

Well, the short answer is, it depends. Pixie crops and blunt bob haircuts are popular, however these will only accentuate the size of your nose. Avoid straight and blunt styles, as these emphasize defined lines and proportions, while soft, feathery layered cuts can beautifully balance out your features!

Medium Hairstyle Hair for a Big Nose Hairstyles for a Big Nose Long Hairstyle for a Big Nose Layered Haircuts for Big Noses

What about Ponytails and Center Parts? 

Sleek, tight ponytails are not recommended as these expose your features directly. By creating more body at the crown and texture you can beautifully pull your hair up but still have some strands frame your face.

Center partings are also no-nos, since they will only point out your prominent nose.

Long Hairstyle for a Big Nose Long Hairstyle for a Big NosePonytail Hairstyle for a Big NoseUpdo Hairstyle for a Big Nose


Are Layered Hairstyles a Good Choice?

Layers provide body and movement and will shift the attention from your nose to your eyes and lips. As mentioned before, straight and edgy hairdos are not designed for ladies with accentuated features, so choose be sure to opt for soft layers.

Do Bangs Look Good with a Big Nose?  Yes, but only certain styles. Bangs are very popular right now, but be careful not to choose fringes that are blunt and sharp, that cover your eyes and forehead – the first thing people will notice is your nose. Instead side swept bangs can work wonders for your features, as well as soft, wispy bangs.

Pay attention also to the length, too short bangs can also highlight your nose.

Are Curls and Waves Flattering? 

Soft curls give plenty of volume to counterbalance strong features.

Create waves with a diffuser or with rollers, your hairstyle will grab the attention. Give volume and texture to your hair, let it flow down your shoulders, without weighing it down.

Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton, or Jennifer Aniston are also blessed with more prominent noses, check them out and steal their secrets in making a nose look less obvious and still look beautiful and confident.