Fall can be often characterized by rainy and windy days, so look your best by turning towards great hairstyles for windy days. Although it may seem difficult to stay trendy in such weather, a great fashionista like yourself should never give up. Instead, you should get inspired by our list of suggestions of great hairstyles for windy days and put your skills to the test as there are various options to experiment with. Are you ready to find out what they are?

Hairstyles For Windy Days


Braids represent one of the best options when it comes to hairstyles for windy days. Braided hairstyles can withstand the windy weather test and will also help create a playful, feminine look. Among the best braided hairstyles for windy days we can include the Swiss braid style.

It’s not hard at all! Just create a center or a side part, the choice is yours. Then, you should separate your hair into pigtails and braid each part. After that, secure your hair with some elastic bands.

Loose Swiss BraidsSwiss Braid Hairstyle

For the next step take the hair from the right side and wrap it around the top of your head, pinning it from place to place using bobby pins. Then, repeat the same procedure with the left braid. When the braided hairstyle is complete you’ll be a cute Heidi conquering the world.


Ponytails seem to never go out of fashion. They can be elegant, playful and, at the same time, very easy to perform!For a windy weather, we’d recommend a sleek ponytail that will prevent frizz. You can easily create a sleek ponytail hairstyle by following these steps:

– use a medium hold gel in order to slick the hair back and then hold it into a tight ponytail at the crown.

– next, spritz some salt spray on your hair and hold it for about 10 minutes. You hair will be smoother and you’ll look just great.

Sleek Ponytail For Windy WeatherSleek High Ponytail For Windy Weather

The Ballerina Bun

You’ve probably seen Natalie Portman in Black Swan and admired her entire look: her slim and gracious posture and the perfect ballerina bun she was flaunting throughout the movie. We surely did! Well, this hairstyle is just perfect for a windy day because it helps keep your hair secured. Just apply some fixation product on your bun and get ready to impress others with your perfect and gracious look.

Chic Ballerina BunWindy Weather Low BunWindy Weather Ballerina BunWindy Weather Bun

On a windy day it’s vital to keep the hair away from your face, so you should choose a hair accessory that will keep your hair together. Create great hairstyles for windy days by experimenting with headbands. Keep your hair loose or opt for a classy updo, it’s your choice , just make sure you’re feeling fab with your new hair style, so pick a great headband and a style and prepare to defeat the bad weather outside.

Windy Weather Updo HairstyleHeadband Hairstyle For Windy Weather

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