When your skin is a pale tone of brown or olive, choosing good hair colors for tan skin isn’t difficult when you know what to look for. Discover what shades go best with your skin for the right look.

Contrast is always a good idea if you want a hair color that flatters your complexion, so you can either go a bit darker or lighter depending on personal preference. Keep in mind that a hair color that matches your skin tone too close can create a look that lacks pizzazz and that’s surely something you want to avoid!

Best Hair Color for Tan Skin

If you’re all about the right hair color for tanned skin, the most important thing you should consider is the undertone of your skin. It’s usually yellow or golden and that can be both an asset and a problem.

Warm Hair Color Idea For Tanned SkinBlonde Hair Color Idea For Tanned Skin

Golden blonde usually doesn’t work because it can give a yellowish look to your skin, but there are plenty of hair colors for tanned skin that you can try.

The best way to fight the golden undertones is by using a reddish base on your hair. The red tones in your hair will neutralize the yellow or golden skin undertone and you won’t end up looking washed out or simply unhealthy.See also: Different Types of Blonde Hair Colors

Red Hair Color Idea For Tanned SkinAuburn Hair Color Idea For Tanned Skin

The best hair color for tanned skin highlights the natural beauty of your complexion and it can range from mahogany and auburn to chestnut or even a dark golden brown. If you’re looking for a more daring choice, try burgundy for a unique look.

If you plan on getting highlights, your best bet are shades of copper and cinnamon, hair colors for tanned skin that help bring out your natural beauty.

Hair Color Ideas for Tan Skin

It’s easier to go for cooler colors when you have a tan, but there’s plenty of room for choices that are a bit warmer. Maple brown is a good choice and so are toffee and mahogany.

Dark Hair Color Idea For Tanned SkinChocolate Hair Color Idea For Tanned Skin

When you want to go darker, the best hair color ideas for tanned skin include inky black, along with dark tones of espresso, which will make your skin radiate and help you get a very flattering look.

Think rich colors, whether they’re warm or a little cooler. Dark auburn brown and warm mahogany can do wonders for your complexion and they’re very good hair colors for you dolls with a tanned complexion.You might also be interested in: Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas

Brown Hair Color Idea For Tanned SkinDark Hair For Tanned Skin

If your heart is set on blonde, avoid beige blonde or golden blonde. The warmer champagne blonde or strawberry blond have just the touch of red you need to balance the golden tones of your skin.

Now that you know the best hair colors for tan skin tones, you can make an informed choice the next time you visit a salon or decide which dye to use on your own, at home.

Ombre Hair Color Idea For Tanned SkinHighlights Hair Color Idea For Tanned Skin