How many times have you admired someone else\’s gorgeous shiny tresses, and you wished you had them too? Well, it\’s time to make sure you will be their envy. Gorgeous, shiny hair has always fallen into the sexy, must have category. The luscious tresses help create a radiant and glamorous effect, effect which everyone desires.

One of the most important things in obtaining gorgeous hair is health. Only healthy hair will be able to achieve the volume, shine and style each person desires, because healthy hair looks is shiny, soft and manageable. To make sure you maintain or restore your hair\’s health and offer it the shine and volume you desire you need to:

make sure your hair receive the vitamins it needs by eating healthy and diverse foods. If however you think you are not receiving all the vitamins you need, turn to vitamin supplements

condition your hair using a deep conditioner treatment once a week or as often as possible to maintain the hair soft and hydrated

use a volumizing shampoo to make sure your hair receives the body you wish for

hair volume

flip your hair upside down, apply volumizing mousse at the roots of the damp hair and blow dry on cold setting. Flip your hair up once your tresses are almost dry, and style it as you wish. If you wish to get some extra volume you can tease the hair at the roots and style the hair. Set it in place with a little bit of hairspray

apply a shine serum on your tresses to make the hair shiny. The light reflecting off the tresses will make the hair appear luscious and healthy

sleep on a silk pillowcase because silk will make the hair appear more shiny and it will prevent it from the damages of friction

hair volume gorgeous hair

if you are a person who is more into natural hair treatments and products you can try enhancing your hairs shine using more natural solutions like apple vinegar or honey. Final rinse your hair after washing with a mixture of water and apple vinegar. Apply a small amount in the water so your hair will not catch the powerful scent of vinegar. Another way to get shiny hair is by mixing water with a little bit of honey. Place the mixture into a spritz bottle and squirt on your hair. Do not apply a large amount on your hair. This mixture will also act as a hold spray

Take proper care of your tresses and you and your hair will look stunning. Healthy radiant hair will always be fashionable and admired.