So you’ve wanted highlights, got them but don’t like them, or just simply got bored with your old ones. How to get rid of highlights?

The best thing would be to go to a professional, will surely fix your problem. If a visit to a hair salon is won’t exactly suit your budget, there are still a couple of tricks you can do to get rid of highlights at home.

Got to the drugstore and buy a home coloring kit.

If you want to get rid of your unsuccessful highlights, just choose a color as close to your natural hair.

A slightly darker shade will always hide little accidents and is maybe the best solution in this matter.

Another temporary solution would be to use a color depositing shampoo.

Of course, you always can cut off the most damaged part and can minimize the effect of the bad hair coloring.

Some women choose to accelerate color fading when they are disappointed with the result.

Hot water is known to fade chemically colored hair. Of course, there are certain hair products on the market which may help fade color – these are designed to open the hair cuticle which speeds up color fading and removes color deposits from hair.