It seems that blonde hair is more prone to become brassy and dull than darker shades. Indeed, it is more difficult to get the desired light tone than dying your strands into a deep and gloomier color.

There are several tips and rituals you can use to tone down the unpleasant brassy look. The key to bring back the initial fab color of your blonde hair tone is to treat your tresses the proper way.

Orange hair might not sound indeed so flattering, however it seems that due to several factors as the quality of the dye, the time you devote for the coloration and even the condition of your own strands can easily influence the success of hair coloring.

Practicing the following guidelines you’ll be able to eliminate the orange undertones of your hair and gradually you’ll earn back your natural-looking sunny blonde hair. Learn how to treat brassy blonde hair in a few steps.

Fighting brassiness is most easily done by preventing its appearance. The way to do this is very simple. Since hair coloring goes through several stages, it is essential to leave enough time for the dye to have its effect.

Washing it off before the indicated time might lead to getting Hayley Williams\’ bleached orange hairstyle, which is super-cool if you longed for an Emo hairstyle.

Those who would rather go for the blonde should read the instructions carefully that will help you in deciding when is the best moment to rinse off the coloring solution.

Brassiness is in fact the result of inappropriate hair dyeing. However, it can be also caused by the fact that you decided to go blonde even if your natural hair tone is too dark to achieve the desired effect on.

As the package indicated, permanent hair dye manages to light your hair color with mostly 2-3 shades. Those who have extremely dark shaded hair tending towards black might not be pleased with the result. Brassiness will immediately appear since the discoloration didn’t reach the ideal level.

Believe it or not, the water you wash your hair with can also influence the outcome of hair coloring. When the brassiness occurs a few weeks or after the hair dyeing it might be attributed to the iron residues that can be found in water. The only solution for this technical problem is to add an iron filter to the shower that will keep the deposits away from your strands.

Blue colored shampoos are also designed to fight brassiness. Their name denotes the color of the products, that are usually either purple or blue and when used will be able to camouflage the strands or roots that turned slightly yellowish. Raid your store for this beauty solution and wash your hair regularly until the orange undertones disappear.

Toners are also highly recommended when faced with this problem. These are special semi-permanent dyes used mainly to apply another masking shade to the affected spots. These indeed have a less long-lasting effect since after a few weeks the color might fade and expose the brassy roots and strands again.

However, as a temporary remedy, especially those with a blue or violet base will fabulously hide the orange tones. Moreover, hair stylists also use this product due to its low content of peroxide that won’t cause long-term damage to the follicles.