What causes frizzy hair? Probably your hair’s worst enemy, frizz is caused when humidity or moisture in the atmosphere penetrates the hair then encourages hair to re-form to its natural, damp state, undoing all the hard work of the styling irons and blow dry.

How to control it?Weather is a crucial factor – keep an umbrella with you all the time and if caught out, keep a bristle brush in your bag so you can go over your hair under the hand dryer. Try to avoid hoods and scarves as they will only flatten your roots. Give your hair lots of TLC, with products that are designed to restore your hair’s moisture level to its optimum. Leave-in conditioners are also great to tame frizz, these not only make hair soft and silky, but some even hold the hair in its place.

Tips and Tricks for Frizzy Hair

Frizz-fighting products work well, but ensure serums aren’t too silicone based – you’ll know if water insoluble silicone is building up in your hair if after shampooing it appears to smoke or steam when blow-drying and also by weighing hair down, leaving it flat and lifeless. But silicone is great if you are using any kind of thermal styling irons, because it saves the hair from any heat styling damage; however you should use a good clarifying shampoo once in a while, because water insoluble silicone do not wash off easily. Figure out which products work for you at home and buy the mini, travel versions for styling on the go.

If you know that the slightest spot of rain will turn your hair frizzy in an instant, always carry product with you to apply throughout the day so your hair keeps its shape all day long. Go over your blow dry in-between days to fight the frizzy new hair that grows around the hairline from spoiling you look. Damaged or chemically treated (I.e. perm, hair dyes or bleach) hair is far more likely to frizz, so think about the damage from over-processing and electrical appliances. Hair dryers held too close and styling irons that are too hot will cause breakage and severe porosity and damage.

Tips and Tricks for Frizzy Hair

If all else fails, wear a hat – a great fashion accessory – and no one will know you’re hiding a frizz ball under there. If opting for a hat, keep it on all day long so that you don’t have to deal with hat hair; and if you’re still worried about your styled ends getting wet and fluffy, roll you hair up into a bun and keep the bun in place by tucking it under your hat when outside. When you get inside release the bun and reveal wavy, frizz-free texture.

Recommended products:

Kerastase Nutritive Serum Oleo-Relax ($34) is an oil-enriched serum that protects against frizz, controls volume, and adds long-lasting smoothness and shine.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum ($22) gives smoothness and shine with its lightweight formula.

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff ($18) softly hydrates your hair leaving that all important smooth and frizz-free look.