This is a biggie for people with oily hair. You start the day looking fine but by early evening your hair is limp and lifeless. Shampooing twice instead of once and leaving the shampoo on longer before rinsing may help. So does using an oil-free conditioner applied only to the ends.

But if you need to get through the workday without falling flat, what you don’t do can also make a difference:

Don’t brush or comb your hair too much.

Don’t play with it or run your fingers through it.

Don’t wear a hat.

And try not to sweat the small stuff. Stress boosts oil production, making hair greasier.

If none of that helps, revert to products. There are some good texturizing pastes and pomades on the market. For a mid-day lift, rub some between your fingers and palms, then apply to the roots and scrunch. Or use it to spike up droopy strands and bangs (but sparingly or it’ll weight your hair down).

Then there’s the classic flat hair fix: bend over and apply hairspray to the roots, then fluff.

Desperation Tactic: Back-combing. It damages the hair cuticle so it’s only to be used in emergencies when all other options have been exhausted.