Usually hair grows half an inch per month. Our hair goes through three phases: the active stage when it grows, the transitional phase when it regresses and the resting stage when the old hair becomes inactive or dormant. As you can see, the hair follicle undergoes a continuous, repeated cycle, although there are certain inner and outer factors that may affect the hair growth process.

These factors can either trigger its growth, resulting in hair loss or boost the growth process as well. Age and the seasons play an important role in hair growth as well. Generally our hair grows fastest in the summer and it is more productive when people reach 15-30 years. After this period, as we become older, the natural hair growth process slows down considerably. Let’s see some of the numerous factors that play a vital role in hair growth and learn more about how they work.


Stress is a major cause of countless health problems and hair is no exception. Constant stress can lead to severe hair loss problems, hampering proper hair growth. The best thing you can do to stop hair loss is to find the roots and the causes of stress and learn how to control and diminish stressful situations as much as it is possible. Try to do regular exercises or yoga meditations, which are great ways to achieve a physical and spiritual balance and relieve stress.


A healthy, balanced diet promotes a better functioning of your cells and hair follicles, thus increasing hair growth. Including a proper amount of fresh veggies and fruits into your daily diet, supplies the organism with all the essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the overall health of your body and which promote hair growth. A diet rich in proteins and sulfur optimizes the growth of hair and maintains the beautiful aspect of your tresses. Proteins can be found in fishes such as tuna, mackerel, salmon or other foods like eggs or almonds. Foods, which are high in sulfur content, are the following: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, garlic, cabbage or eggs. Besides all these essential elements, an adequate daily water intake is absolutely essential to aid hair growth and maintain our health. Water provides the organism with proper moisture, thus helping your hair to grow faster and stronger.


Regular workout or a half an hour walk every day will improve blood circulation, which delivers nutrients and vitamins to your scalp. This way your hair follicles are provided with more oxygen, which is essential to prevent hair loss and boost the hair growth process. A relaxing and rejuvenating scalp massage is another great way to stimulate the blood circulation and facilitate the healthy functioning of your hair follicles.

Hair Care

Adequate hair care is absolutely key to supplying your hair with essential vitamins and nutrients ass well as maintain the healthy condition of your hair. Minimize the use of hairstyling products such as hair sprays, mousses or gels and reduce frequent colorings as much as it is possible. Chemicals, hair straighteners and curling irons are also harmful to your hair and can lead to serious hair damages. Try to use natural hair coloring methods, such as henna and shop for pure, plant-based hair care products. Air-dry your hair instead of using the blow dryer, since hot air is harmful for your locks, leading to dryness and hair loss problems. Make sure you use tools that are healthy and safe for your hair, such as wide-tooth wooden combs and brushes, satin scarves and hair ties.

Besides the above mentioned factors, heredity, your overall health and balanced hormone levels also play an important role in promoting hair growth and maintaining the healthy, glossy aspect of your tresses. Cut down or quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption since these contain extremely harmful toxins and substances, which may cause serious hair disorders and further health problems.