There are a lot of things we can do to instantly look slimmer overall. Maintaining a good posture, choosing the right type of clothes for our body shape, choosing the best accessories, avoiding the foods that cause bloating a few days prior to an important event, applying a few clever make-up tricks or choosing the right hairstyle can all make us look and feel more beautiful and more confident.

Updos are an ideal choice when trying to make our face look slimmer mainly because these hairstyles add weight at the crown of the head drawing attention from the features you are not so proud of, elongating the face at the same time, thus having an overall slimming effect. It should be mentioned that in order to maximize this slimming effect you should avoid full bangs, especially for those who struggle to reduce the roundness of the face.

On the other hand, soft layers will bring you one step closer to your goal. Also, maximizing hair volume is always a good idea for balancing your facial features. Here are a few hairstyles you can try:

French twist updo

Sophisticated and elegant, French twist updos are among the most popular wedding and prom hairstyles. French twist upodos are fairly easy to create at home, especially a day after you washed your hair when the hair becomes easier to manage. Here’s how to create a French twist updo in a few easy steps: first create a low loose ponytail using a hair gel or a mousse to put your strands in place. Then, lift the ponytail upwards, twisting the hair to form a roll. If you aim to create a modern French twist updo, leave the ends of the hair sticking out, but if you want a classic French twist, keep the ends tucked under. Spray the twist with a little hair spray for a stronger hold and secure the coiffure with a few bobby pins or hair sticks.

Curly updos

Curls will not only help provide an adorable, romantic and innocent look but a curly updo will also help slim facial features creating the much needed volume that we all desire and that makes updos so interesting. In order to ensure the success of any curly updo hairstyle it’s important to learn how to deal with frizzy hair.

One of the most important things you can do to deal with this frustrating situation is to cut down on the chemical treatments as much as possible and to apply hot oil treatments regularly. Whether you opt for a casual updo or you want a more stylish classic hairstyle, make sure that you use the best styling products for your delicate strands.

Fanned updos

Fanned updos are perfect for medium hair length and have the added advantage of being suitable for all hair textures being an optimal choice for those who have fine hair. Fanned updos can be easily recreated at home being suitable mostly for informal occasions when you aim for a casual look.

A fanned updo is very practical being a perfect workout hairstyle. On the other hand, fanned updos can be easily adapted to more formal occasions with the help of hair accessories. This year designers have placed a special attention on creating amazing hair accessories so you should have no problem selecting the best hair accessories to match your taste.