There are a multitude of factors that can influence the outcome of your beauty transformation. Hair coloring is a complex process, therefore it is highly recommended to learn from the best colorists of the world and follow some well-defined rules.

These expert tips on hair coloring will allow you to improve your hair dyeing skills and secure the long-lasting radiance of your new shade. Work only with high class formulas to make sure you don’t expose your tresses to strong and irreversible damages.

Those who decide to make the hair coloring project in their way should take into consideration the following expert trick. Staining can be a real problem, as a consequence, it is advisable to use petroleum jelly and apply it around the hairline. Thanks to the thick texture of this formula, the coloring product won’t get in contact with the skin.

Rita Hazan is a pro hair colorist who provides us with the secret of preparing the strands for hair coloring. She claims that in order to seal the pigments into the locks it is important to apply a series of deep-conditioning masks at least 2-3 days before the actual dyeing process.

Moisturized hair will serve as the perfect canvas for the color change. Moreover, it is also essential to skip shampooing hair 1 day before coloring. Natural oils will not only contribute to the success of hair tone change, but can also prevent the damages chemicals can do to your scalp.

The same beauty expert states that dry locks can be named as the main culprits for the fading of a radiant shade. Therefore, it is a must to use formulas that load the strands with moisture and vitamins.

Hydration is important especially during the warm season when the rays of the sun sabotage the long-lasting hold of any hue. Wash your tinted tresses a few times a week and apply a conditioner rich in keratin and amino acids to add a soft and silky texture to your hair.

Chunky highlights look outdated! Experts advise you to start with narrow sections and work your way to a high street look. Start with the highlights in the front and follow the natural fall of the tresses avoiding diagonal lines. Use folded tissues to guarantee the proper conditions for a neat hair coloring process.

Start hair coloring from the back of the neck in order to avoid the staining of your face. Brush the locks carefully and separate hair into tiny sections. Take small slices and apply the coloring formula with great care. Make sure you cover the whole section uniformly.

Wash off the hair dye from your locks using a high class shampoo. Then use a conditioner only to the ends and the mid-sections of your tresses. The scalp won’t need it only if you struggle with dryness. Leave the condition on for at least 10 minutes to be sure it penetrated into the hair. The effect will be naturally shiny and soft hair.

Expert Tips on Hair Coloring

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