Hair plays a huge role in physical appearance this is why these essential summer hair care tips can come in handy especially if you’re usually dealing with hair problems.

Those of your blessed with great hair should do everything you can to prevent it from deteriorating as women with hair problems spend hundreds of dollars monthly just to improve the condition of their tresses. Even more, if you’ve managed to damage your hair take action before you’ve done irreparable damage. Cutting your hair to get rid of burnt or split ends now when super long hairstyles are back in style is not exactly what you should aim for especially if you don’t look good with short hair.

Fortunately, the abundance of hair care products available, natural or not, can help you maintain your hair in great condition, but keep in mind that seasonal hair care is important as each season can affect your hair differently. So, if you want to have soft, glossy and healthy tresses be sure to try any of the following summer hair care tips:

Coconut oil, Olive oil and Shea Butter Hair Mask

Hair Conditioning

Hair conditioning is very important during the summer season as constant hair exposure paired with the heat from styling tools and hair coloring products can be ‘lethal’ for your tresses. So, to keep your hair soft and moisturized turn towards a natural hair care treatment, a hair mask made of coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter. This mix will restore your hair’s moisture and prevent it from becoming dry. Apply equal parts of each of these nourishing ingredients on your scalp and the length of your hair, focusing on the ends. Keep the natural hair mask on for at least two hours, but we recommend applying it overnight every now and then.Remove the concoction with the help of warm water and shampoo.

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Sleep on a satin pillow

As weird as this may sound, sleeping on a satin pillow case can help maintain your hair in good condition. Friction is your hair’s enemy and satinated fabrics minimize friction, causing less breakage. Plus, this type of material is cooler to the touch so you’ll not only help protect your hair from damage you’ll also sleep more comfortable during those hot summer nights.

Keep your hair away from salty water and chlorine

The first thing that you want to do when the temperatures are high is to take a dive in the nearest patch of water. However, the sea/ocean’s salted water combined with the sun’s powerful rays or chlorinated pool water mixed with the sun’s powerful rays can cause severe hair dryness. So, in order to protect your hair from salty water/chlorinated water damage pull it up and wrap a cool scarf around your head, and avoid getting it wet.

Swimming With Updo

Use Sun Protection Spray for Hair

There are various brands that offer sun protection sprays for your hair. These sprays feature a lightweight UV protection formula and do not weight down the hair. Plus, this type of hair care product gives the hair a boost in shine, so your hair will radiate under the sunlight.

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Avoid Heated Styling Tools

The last thing you want during summer is to add more heat to your hair using heated hair styling tools. There are numerous summer hairstyles that can be achieved without using heat. Braids, hair rollers, flexi rods, updos paired with bandanas, are just a few styles to try to ensure your hair is not affected by the high temperatures given off by flat irons, blow dryers or curling irons.

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