A curling iron is used to create waves and curls on straight hair regardless the length of your hair, excepting very short hair. This is one of the simplest solutions when you want to change your look. There are several types of curls you can make, such as small and tight, large curls, or soft waves.

Short and medium hair

If you have a classic bob hairstyle, with or without bangs, the curling iron can help you create an elegant and sophisticated retro hairstyle. Start by applying some hair mousse for curls on damp hair. Blow dry your hair using a round brush and make large waves. When your hair is dry, use the curling iron in order to define the curls. Make sure you don’t tighten, as we need soft, gentle waves. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to arrange the waves. If you have bangs, you can secure them to one side using a precious hairpin.

If your hair is shorter, you can give some volume to your hairstyle using the curling iron. Apply some mousse for volume on damp hair. Take the curling iron and make soft curls insisting on the ends. For shorter hair you can embellish the hairstyle by choosing a precious headband.

A ’50s inspired hairstyle can also be done on medium hairstyle. Use a curling iron with a large barrel in order to achieve voluminous curls. You can make a side or a middle parting. After making the curls, apply some hair spray to set the style.

Another glamorous party hairstyle can be made on medium hair. A glamorous ’20s or ’30s hairstyle with hair secured at the nape of the neck and curls fixed to the head. You can also try a more complicated version of the chic bun. Wash your hair and apply a frizz styling mousse. Blow dry your hair using a large round brush, making soft waves towards the ends. Secure some locks of your bangs separately from the rest of the hair. Using the curling iron, create tighter waves on the rest of your hair. Every section you curl gently twist it and secure it in the back with a hairpin. Do the same thing with the rest of your hair, securing every lock and keeping their wavy shape. If you want, you can release your bangs.

Long hair

Timeless and sophisticated, gentle long waves are easy and quick to make. Is the perfect hairstyle for a special, evening event, and it supposes gently curling a few hair sections. You just need to take a few small sections on the surface and make some loose curls. Remember that this hairstyle works great with a natural makeup.

Flexible curls that naturally fall on the shoulders look amazing if you sweep hair to one side in a side parting. You can apply hairspray to set the style in place, or, for a more natural look, you can use some hair gel only on the ends.

You can look stunning with a chic, asymmetrical hairstyle, ’40s style, with large curls. Split hair into larger sections and style them using the curling iron. You must obtain large, even curls. Make a side parting and take a hair section behind each ear and secure them in the back. Continue the process with the rest of the curls until all the hair is pinned up.