A woman’s hair is one of her most precious “assets”. Even if it is more than obvious, we sometimes forget its real value that can enhance our beauty and femininity. Moreover, we have the possibility to style it in so many different ways as one of its main characteristics is versatility that allows you to try numerous hairstyles from the easier to more complicated ones according to the occasion.

If you have long hairstyles, there will always be a certain holding back when it comes to trimming it. Still, when wanting to make a change, there are so many different possibilities for longer locks. The easiest and the quickest, which doesn’t imply too much effort or styling skills, is the one with a messy-dressy effect, and that is keeping it as natural as possible. This style will enhance your natural beauty and even if the hair is not overstyled, it looks great.

You just need some hair mousse, hair spray, a hair dryer and a round brush. Wash your hair and comb it with a wide tooth comb. Apply some hair mousse and blow dry it using a round brush. When your hair is dry, use your fingers to arrange the locks. In order to set them into place, apply a gentle layer of hairspray. You can also use the curling iron or hot rollers in order to create gentle, messy waves.

It is said that medium hair is the most versatile, giving you the opportunity to play with different hairstyles. A layered medium-length hair can be easily styled by playing the natural card. After washing your hair, apply some conditioner on all its length, rinse and blow dry it partially. Apply some hair mousse starting from mid-lengths towards the ends. Start to blow dry your hair from the roots towards the ends, orienting the ends in the exterior for extra volume. Continue to dry the ends, waving them in different directions for a natural, effortless look. Use your hands to arrange your hair. You can even apply some hairspray on your fingers in order to set the ends. You can do this even if you have bangs, but keep them natural.

As we have said, when having to deal with longer hair, it makes it rather hard to change your haircut. If you have long tresses, you can choose a beautiful updo that is very versatile and can be worn for special occasions. Start by applying some hair mousse on partially dry hair and continue to blow dry it. Comb your hair towards the crown of the head and on the side in order to add volume. Then, comb the sides towards the center-back and twist them into a high quiff. Pull the front section gently, then twist the quiff and secure it using some hairpins. Apply some hair wax and finish with a product that confers shine and maintains the color vibrant and shiny

A medium-length hair can easily be styled trying something more special, powerful and bold, yet sweet and feminine such as a beautiful bun that can be worn for different occasions. Start by washing your hair and apply a hair mousse. Backcomb your hair in order to add volume. Divide the hair into several sections, one in the front and the others on the sides. Roll every section towards the crown of the head and secure them using some hairpins. As a final step, apply some hair spray. You can try a messier version especially for a daytime look.

Another easy and romantic bun that you can try is the twisted one. Start by dividing your hair into three large sections. Secure the section in the center into a ponytail. If you want to create an easy asymmetry, you can set it a bit on the side. Twist the ponytail around its base until obtaining a spiral and secure the bun with hairpins. Then, take one of the sections on the sides and twist it around the bun you obtained. Do the same thing with the other section and fix them using hairpins. Instead of twisting the sections you can braid them for a more bohemian look.

A layered bob hairstyle represents one special haircut that sums up numerous positive characteristics. First of all, it seems to be universally flattering regardless your face shape. Then, its versatility and practicality allows you to play with different styles and shapes for various occasions, whether we are talking about a casual, daytime look, or, on the contrary, something more special that requires a formal outfit and an appropriate hairstyle.

You can wear it straight and add bangs in order to enhance the beauty of your eyes or you can try a messy version. Apply some hair mousse on damp hair and blow dry it. For a glamorous appearance try the retro wavy version by taking a hair section and style it in the front, on the forehead.

A short bob with bangs can also represent the right starting point for a cool hairstyle. Even though it is rather short, this hairstyle allows you to pass from straight to chic and even wild, rock styles in no time. If you want to style this type of bob, you need a curling iron with a thin barrel or a special brush, hair mousse and hairspray. Therefore, it proves to be more than easy to make a punk-rock hairstyle with a messy, effortless appearance or a straight, silky hairstyle appropriate for special events that require a certain glam effect.