Move aside, super-complicated and elaborated hairstyles! Yes, it’s time you say goodbye to hard-to-achieve looks and opt instead for unpretentious yet eye-catching ‘dos. Find out what flatters you the most and complements your personality and get ready to win the spotlight. Indeed, simplicity can be surprisingly sophisticated and cool. So, check out these easy hair styling tips, draw a little inspiration and pull off some gorgeous ‘dos! Oh, and did we mention that you can create these styles in no time regardless your hair type and length? Trust us, awesomeness takes just mere minutes!

Okay you stunning dolls, did you prep your tools and patience? Well, we are definitely eager to try some of these hot styles that work amazing for a wide range of events including more formal ones. Therefore, whenever you’re running late or just facing a bad hair day, try these easy tips for great results! Besides, if you don’t want to look like you’ve tried too hard, these styling tricks are just perfect. Go for the slightly untamed style even for a special occasion. Use a large-barrel curling iron and brush the waves out for a messy effect. You can also choose a glam ‘do with some glossy waves. So, start by making a deep side parting and tong away from the face to get the chic flare.

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Short hair is so sexy and you only need an instant to obtain the edgiest and most elegant styles. We simply adore a gorgeous short crop and the speedy styling time! Be bold and begin your venture into uber-fab shorties. Well, there are so many different looks you can try and look beautiful!

You probably know that short cuts are versatile. And the softly layered ones are utterly feminine. Therefore, don’t be afraid to play around with your styling whether you’re going at the office or just hanging out with your friends. You can wear your short crop perfectly polished and slicked back or if your hair is longer in the front, wear it swept forward for a little drama. Either way, the result will be jaw-dropping! For a statement-making effect tease out sections and then apply some hairspray! Oh, and for some serious sophistication, try the draped-over-one-eye style that equals mystery and sensuality! You’ll definitely turn heads with your enviable shortie styled this way! Absolutely fabulous and chic!

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Bad hair days begone! We’ve searched for some achingly beautiful styles and stumbled upon these oh-so-ravishing ‘dos and had to share them with you. Why? Because they are incredibly stylish and due to their timeless touch you can wear them season after season. Well, the classic ponytail or the chignon are already legendary ‘dos that never go out of style. They are just a little reinvented!

Messy side braid and undercut? Yes, please! So, if you have long tresses and an undercut, don’t hesitate to plait your hair! We’re head over heels with this edgy look! Also, whenever in a hurry, opt for a pony as it is one of the loveliest and easiest solutions that can save you. Besides, keep in mind that the secret for a ladylike look is undoubtedly the chignon. This is that practical style that can do the trick regardless the occasion. For a rather posh event, choose the twisted version!

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