A bad hair day can be a girl’s most terrible nightmare, especially when you need to get ready in no time and still look pretty. Handling this type of situations might prove to be rather challenging, yet with the appropriate tips and styles you can pull things off. Whether you have long tresses, medium or short hair, curls or smooth, straight hair, take a look at these easy solutions for a bad hair day.

If you have a chic short hairstyle, you can take¬†advantage of its versatility and play with the styling. From edgy and bold to cute and subtle, you can try everything. You just need to rub waxes or gels through your style and create amazing effects. If the lengths are slightly longer at the front, wear you short hair punked-up into a quiff. You can also wear the ’70s trend keeping the sides and the back sleek, making a side parting and a modern wave through your bangs. If the front section allows you to, you can take the curling iron and get ready to add some drama.

 Bad Hair Day Styling Medium Hairstyles  Bad Hair Day Styling Bob Hairstyles Bad Hair Day Styling Hair Up Bad Hair Day Styling Hair Up

For those of you who sport a chic, fun and young bob, the task is more than easy. Just take some hair wax and get a gorgeous ‘do in seconds by simply rubbing it throughout your style. The finish will instantly transform your look. Go sexy with a deep side parting that will update your classic bob hairstyle in no time. On the other hand, you can big-up your bob using lots of hair spray and a round brush. Next, just blow dry it. For even more volume, backcomb the underneath layers.

Not too short yet not too long, medium-length hair is so versatile when it comes to quick ways to transform your style. You can simply use a brush and a blow dryer to get a natural-looking, sleek oh-so-chic effect. For bad hair days that seem to have no solution whatsoever, you can also go seriously glam with sophisticated waves and curls. Take the curling iron and create loose, tousled waves with light, soft movement. Use your fingers to get the ultimate messy finish.

Bad Hair Days Styling Bob Hairstyles Bad Hair Days Styling Bob Hairstyles

Everybody loves long hair especially because it offers so many styling choices. Still, always keep in mind that long tresses look great when they are in good condition and healthy. You don’t necessarily need complicated styling in order to show off the beauty of your hair. And nothing seems to enhance the shine and vitality of long locks better than a natural texture. However, when hair becomes too hard to handle, give some bounce and body by using a large-barreled curling iron or some heated rollers and get glossy, soft curls and waves. Pay attention so you tong away from the face for a lovely effect.

You can transform your bad hair day into an incredible, stylish day with the easiest tricks ever. Make a simple ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Next, take a hair section and wrap it around the base using a hair pin to secure it. For days when your hair looks dull and lifeless, a ballerina bun is the right choice. Pull hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck, secure it with an elastic and wind it around its base. If nothing seems to work, the right headband can instantly transform your look from boring to chic.

Bad Hair Day Ballerina Bun Bad Hair Day Ponytail Bad Hair Day Updo Bad Hair Days Pony Headband for Bad Hair Days Bad Hair Day Headband!

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