This innovative shampoo has become very popular in a relatively short period of time. It is a great way to clean your tresses when you are out of time, or you don’t have the possibility to wash your hair. This dry shampoo contains a special formula which cleans the hair and absorbs oil and dirt from your locks without the use of water.

The dry shampoo usually comes in a spray on bottle. The cleansing product contains ingredients which eliminate static and sebum by absorbing the oils leaving the tresses clean looking without getting your hair wet.

The product is sprayed on the all the hair, it is left to work for a little bit of time, a couple of minutes in order to absorb the impurities and brushed out using a brush or a comb. By brushing the dry shampoo filled now with the dirt and oil which use to be adhered to the tresses will be brushed out of the hair.

This is a quick and easy way to clean your hair when you are late for a meeting or simply don’t have the time necessary to wash your hair. It acts like a plan B when you have to wash your hair quickly but that doesn’t mean you can abuse from this product and not wash your hair normally ever again.

The hair needs to be washed every time it gets dirty and dry shampoo offers only a solution for the moment, it doesn’t act as a permanent substitute for normal hair washing.

There are several brands on the market which produce dry shampoo.

All dry shampoos work on the same, to remove the excess oils form the hair easily, quickly and without water. Just spray, wait, brush out and you are all ready to go with your gorgeous clean tresses.