You’ve most certainly noticed how celebrities made an obsession for different types of hair braids since hairstylists began to make them very popular among major beauty trends. The truth is the various types of braids for long hair give your look a romantic and feminine charm, difficult to get through other hairstyles. Whether you chose types of braids work wonders on loose hair or a perfect type of braid for a chic updo, you’ll find out next some of the best hair braids that are created to deliver a high visual impact.

Types of Hair Braids: The Simple Middle Braid

If you want to look adorable and still have some loose curls or hair strands falling on your shoulders, try the “The Simple Middle Braid”. Use two front pieces of hair (the ones right next to your ears) and make a nice simple braid on each side. Next, put them together at the back and secure them with a hair clip.

Types of Hair Braids: The Downward Milkmaid

If you’re thinking of going a little more traditional, make a nice low updo from two loose French braids styled on each side, crossing them at the neckline. Then secure them in place using bobby pins. Don’t worry if a strand or two fall out of place, they will only give your hairdo a more modern messy-chic charm.

Simple Middle BraidDownward Milkmaid Braid

Types of Hair Braids: The Inverted Braid

A very modern and original way to wear different hair braids is to change the way you do the braiding of the hair sections. The Inverted Braid can be done by braiding three sections of hair working the hairs under one another and not the other way around (like it’s usually done). This gives the hair a cool twist that instantly attracts attention.

Types of Hair Braids: Over The Shoulder Braid

This is one of the easiest-to-style hair braids of all. To create the ‘over the shoulder braid’ simply grab your hair and swish it all over one shoulder then braid straight down, tight or loose, depending on how you like it!

Inverted BraidOver The Shoulder Braid

Types of Hair Braids: The Fishtail

The Fishtail braid or herringbone plait is still a hairstyle that’s popular on and off the red carpet, so it’s clearly a type of braid you want to wear this season if you’re looking to underline your trendy nature. To create the fishtail braid you have to divide your hair in two and take a small section from outer part of one side then cross it to inside of the other section of hair. Repeat with the other side and continue the process until you’ve reached the ends of the hair which you’ll then secure with an elastic.

Types of Hair Braids: The Fringe Braid

Also known as the LC braid, the fringe braid is a super popular way to embrace the hair braiding trend. Start by French braiding the front section of the hair, the fringe/bangs and work your way down on one side maintaining a straight line, right next to the hairline. You can opt for a partial braid which you’ll secure with bobby pins or you can braid until your reach the ends of your hair, in which case you’ll use a hair elastic to secure the braid.

Fishtail BraidFringe Braid

Types of Hair Braids: The Two Strand Braid

The Two Strand Braid or Rope braid is super easy to create on your own, making it perfect for everyday wear. Just swish your hair across one shoulder, divide it into two equal parts, cross them over the other and apply smalls hair elastics from spot to spot, to keep the twist in place!

Types of Hair Braids: The Full Crown

This a traditional way of braiding the hair for an elegant hairstyle. The braiding begins behind one ear, using the whole length of hair for a big French braid which is styled like a crown around the head. This type of hairstyle requires an extra long hair length and rich, healthy hair.

Rope BraidFull Crown Braid

Types of Hair Braids: The Tuck

A very sophisticated-looking updo look can be be easily achieved with the braid and tuck trick. All you have to do is to tuck the tail of a simple French braid under the main section and fasten it with hair pins. The result: a lovely updo hairstyle that’s so easy to create!

Types of Hair Braids: The Traditional Milkmaid

One of the most popular type of braid is the Traditional Milkmaid braid. This look might require a little bit more effort (or a hand from a friend) but the result is well worth it. Create this chic braided hairstyle by braiding two pigtails and crossing them along the crown of your head, about an inch away from the hairline, pinning their ends under using bobby pins.

The Tuck BraidTraditional Milkmaid Braid

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