A perm, or a permanent wave, is a treatment that involves hair curling or straightening using certain chemicals. It usually lasts between 2 to 6 months, therefore providing a quite long lasting change of look.

While this type of technique may be performed both on short and long locks, perms for long hair are the most common of the two. If you want to perm your hair, you should first decide if this technique is right for you, and then choose the most suitable type of perm for your beautiful, long tresses.

Perms for Long Hair: Are They Suitable for You?How can you tell if a perm is a good option for your long locks? As any good hairstylist would tell you, perms are not suitable choices for dyed, highlighted, or damaged tresses. Your hair needs to be healthy and strong to be able to cope with the chemicals used when performing a perm.

Perm Hair Texture

Perms for Long Hair: Soft Spiral PermIf you and your stylist decided that a perm is what you need, then you may start choosing the right type of perm for you! One of the cutest and most natural-looking perms out there is the soft spiral perm.

A soft spiral perm, or a body wave perm, ensures you get loose curls that add more body to long, thin hair. It’s a timeless look, easy to style and to care for. In order to perform the soft spiral perm, the hairstylist will use large rods.

If you have fine hair, your hairstylist will most likely go for an acid perm, a not so harsh perm that won’t damage your tresses.

Spiral Perm Long HairstyleLoose Wave Perm

Perms for Long Hair: Spiral PermA spiral perm will make sure you get tight hair ringlets, possibly flaring in several directions. For a curly perm, a hairstylist will use long, thin rods.

Even if you love corkscrew curls, keep in mind that your bouncy ringlets will loosen and relax in time. As a result, if you wish to maintain your look, be prepared to invest in other perms for long hair, after your tresses are once again 100% healthy and strong.

Curly Perm On Long HairModern Curly Perm

Perms for Long Hair: How to Care for Spiral PermsRegardless of your type of perm, be it a soft spiral perm or a curly perm, it needs special care in order to look amazing. So stock up on curly hair care products, like shampoos, conditioners and wavy hair masks.

You may go for Phytospecific Intense Nutrition Shampoo for Naturally Curly Hair, Aveda Be Curly Conditioner and Nothing But Intense Healing Mask. Don’t shy away from deep conditioning products either! Ulta Ultimate Treatment Nourishing Deep Conditioner will nourish your perm-stressed locks!

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