Hairstyling has never been more easy since so many styling utensils have been developed. People are always trying to make changes when it comes to their hair to look stylish and different as often as possible, this is why straight hairstyles and curly hairstyles are two of the most adored hairstyles by women. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if a person has straight hair, they can easily obtain a curly hairstyle in a jiffy by using the proper styling tools.

It is well known that both, flat irons and curling irons can be used to create luscious curls. It is true that different styling utensils help create the curls differently, this is why it appears that the two have come to a duel.

When it comes to choosing a winner, opinions have always been divided. Some people would never trade their curling iron over the flat iron and vice versa, and this is normal because people are different and they like different things.

To choose a winner in the curling iron vs flat iron curling, one needs to find all the advantages the styling utensils have to offer. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of flat irons and curling irons in styling curly hair:

Flat irons:

flat irons if used correctly can also create curls. The curls will only appear defined if the flat iron is held in the right position. A little bit of skill is required to obtain the desired style

flat irons are not as damaging on the hair as curling irons because the flat iron doesn’t have top be kept on the hair as long as the curling irons to create the curl

the curls created using a flat iron are not as tight as when a curling iron is used if the flat iron is not used properly the hair can appear without volume

they are versatile styling utensils because they can create straight hairstyles as well as curly hairstyles

Curling irons:

they are styling utensils which can create a variety of curls, tighter or looser, depending on the width of the barrel

there are a variety of techniques in order to obtain different types of curls, spiral or ringlets

curling irons are more damaging on the hair than flat irons because the time required to obtain the curl is a bit higher

the curls obtained with a curling iron are better defined and can resist longer than the curls obtained using a flat iron

curling irons are not as versatile as flat irons, because they can only be used to curl the hair

When it comes to choosing a winner most people would lean towards the flat iron just because of it’s versatility. Which one would you choose when it comes to curling your gorgeous tresses?