Faux bang hairstyles seem to gain more territory among vintage hairstyles. The secret recipe is that you don’t have to cut off not even an inch of your hair to have this look. With the help of a few tricks and your creativity you’ll be able to re-live the glorious past decades. The atmosphere is given by the finesses and elegance the hairstyle radiates.

Learn the basic hair styling tips to pull off a breath-taking vintage look. Provide your tresses with the desired shape and retro glow using the appropriate hair styling products and tools. Don’t forget to match the do with the classy old-time outfit and a glamorous makeup. Revolutionizing the term of curly hair it will create the perfect combo for a casual and more formal look.

Faux Bang Hairstyle Faux Bangs Hairstyle

In order to have the ace look you’ll need a few instruments: -a brush or a rat-tail comb – some bobby pins – hairspray – hair elastic (if you want to tie your hair)

If you have all these supplies at hand you can start creating the ultimate vintage faux bang hairstyle. First of all create the right parting, depending on the side you want to wear your bangs on. If you spotted a middle pinup hairstyle then go on to the next step.

Next, separate your bangs, make it uniform and thicker for a spectacular effect. Brush the rest of your hair behind to be able to proceed only with the bangs. With the help of a brush or your fingers will be just perfect, straighten and perfectly detangle the lock.

Faux Bangs Hairstyle Faux Bangs Hairstyle

When you’re done it’s time to curl the tress with your fingers rolling it with circular movements into a little ball, empty inside, then fix it to the rest of the hair with the help of several bobby pins. Beforehand you can use a drop of wax or gel to fight the frizz. For a polished look make sure that the styled bangs will stay tight in its place. When you feel that it is proper fixed, you’ll notice that it will become wider faking the illusion of real bangs.

Finally you can either leave your strand free flowing or pinned up on the sides, for a refined look. The hairstyle you combine it with, depends on your personal preferences. Straighten or iron the rest of the tresses to create an original and fabulous look.

Modern Faux Bangs Hairstyle Modern Faux Bangs Hairstyle

Look at the ultra-modern version of this hairstyle. use your creativity to embed the vintage hairstyles into your daily routine. Sport them either for formal or casual occasions. The point is to make it polished and sophisticated.

Learn how to create this stylish vintage faux bang hairdo. Follow these guidelines to have a polished old-time look echoing the classy Bettie Page era.